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Teaching, Learning and Doing Art

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Posted on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

This semester, Westminster College’s department of art is living the idea of art, design and learning, reaching far beyond the classroom to teach, learn, and do.

In one instance, Peggy Lynn Cox, professor of art, was a featured artist in the Textile Art Alliance Wearable Art Event in Cleveland. A fundraiser for the Cleveland Museum's textile purchase fund, Cox displayed her work with natural dyes and ecoprinting which she also incorporates into two of her courses at Westminster. 

Cox was also a guest presenter at the National Surface Design Association conference on the theme of natural dyes and artist's socially engaging practices. She discussed the use of natural dyes in art as well as information about a cluster course taught with Dr. Ann Throckmorten, professor of biology.

“At both events, I brought back information to then pass along to students in my classes,” said Cox. “I’m thankful for the opportunities to bring real-world concepts back to campus.”

This semester, Cox presented students with a variety of authentic opportunities to engage in the art of conversation with experts.

Tom McNickle, nationally known and local landscape painter, visited the department of art, demonstrating landscape painting for the Watercolor and Drawing Classes, using water colors and mixed media. Learn more about McNickle, here

Connie Davis, interlibrary loan specialist at Westminster, was guest artist of the week for the art and biology cluster course. Davis brought in two of her looms as well as numerous pieces of her textile art. From her visit, the class began a tapestry weaving project using wool dyed from botanical colors and plants that we created throughout the semester.

Mary Lou Alexander, a nationally know and local textile artist demonstrated and helped students begin a project using the ancient Japanese resist method called Shibori with organic indigo dye the class had made previously. Learn more about Alexander, here

For more information about the art program at Westminster College, contact Cox at

*Photo contributed by Cox