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Westminster College Professor and Students Film Active Learning Exercise for Textbook Publisher

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Posted on Monday, October 19, 2015

Westminster College biology professor and students put on their acting hats and volunteered during a mock-lecture which will soon appear in a video for Pearson Publishing Company, a worldwide education publishing and assessment service.

Dr. Karen Resendes, associate professor and program coordinator of molecular biology, is working with Pearson to create teaching modules as part of the instructor resources in the Campbell Biology textbook. The video series will demonstrate active learning exercises that can be used to supplement textbook readings in the classroom.  

The textbook, “In Focus,” is a slimmed down version of the Campbell and Reece textbook used in three of Westminster’s biology courses. This project focuses on the light reactions of photosynthesis, which the publisher considers one of a set of "tough topics" in introductory biology. In the lecture, students carried out an exercise which involved "acting out" the movement of electrons and energy during the light reactions.

Contact Resendes at or (724) 946-7211 for more information about the biology program at Westminster College. 

See photos from the filming.