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New York Times Names Westminster College 12th in the Nation for “Doing the Most for Low Income Students”

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Posted on Friday, September 18, 2015

The New York Times’ Upshot ranking positioned Westminster College at number 12 in the nation for “doing the most for low-income students.” 

According to their ranking, the New York times uses the College Access Index to measure top college’s efforts for economic diversity. The Index is based on the number of students who receive Pell grants, rate of graduation for those students, and the price that the college charges both low- and middle-income students. 

“Westminster College is committed to helping each and every student reach their academic goals and career aspirations no matter their economic situation,” said Dr. Thomas H. Stein, vice president for enrollment and marketing. “Providing direct access to affordability breaks the economic cycle and leads all students to their highest potential.”

In the ranking, Westminster shares the top tier with colleges and universities such as Yale, Brown, Columbia, Stanford, Vassar, and Princeton. 

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