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Titan Terror Project Presents Grand Prize to Local High School Students

Posted on Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Titan Radio (88.9FM) and the Westminster Cable Network celebrated the fifth annual Titan Terror Project by handing out the Grand Prize Award for Titan Terror 5.  The amateur movie-making competition awarded the top prize trophy to David Trotter, Ali Srour and Storm Geary of Grove City Area Senior High School for their scary digital short, PARKED.  The showcase and award presentation in the Campus Center's Mueller Theater included a delegation of students from Grove City, including the winners.

"It was so unexpected to win," said grand prize co-winner Storm Geary. "It's rewarding to see all our hard work pay off. We put a lot of work into including three or four nights of filming."

The judging revealed a tie for the first runner-up prize. It's shared by a team from Grove City High and a Westminster College entry.  Grove City students Lucas Zenobi and Noah Livingstone received the award for REARVIEW.  Westminster graduate student Gino Colella also received a first runner-up trophy for his entry, DAY OFF.

The second runner up prize went to the Westminster College team of Rob Poling and Scott Raley for their short film, STORRAGE.  Poling and Raley won the 2013 Titan Terror Grand Prize. 

The Titan Terror Project began five years ago as a platform to celebrate short, digital movies produced by students in the Broadcast and Digital Communications courses.  Organizers then opened it to the larger campus community-students, staff, alumni, faculty and staff.  Over a short time, the competition grew to include members of the community and public school districts.

"It's great to see so many people eager to explore their creativity with video," said Broadcast and Digital Communications lecturer, Bradley Weaver.  "Smartphones make it so easy and it's a lot of fun to celebrate the strange, twisted and weird this time of year."

Titan Terror also revealed a Facebook Fan award for the entry that received the most likes on Westminster Cable's Facebook page.  That award went to Kristen Bishop and Jared Robert Henshaw of Grove City High School.

The competition screens entries through two levels of judging.  The first round by a group of volunteers made up of faculty, students and alumni determines top ten showcase list.  The second row of judging by Westminster alumni and faculty generates scores based on creativity, production values and connection with the Titan Terror theme.

Watch all the entries, and contact Bradley Weaver at 724-946-7238 or to learn more.

Winners of the 2014 Titan Terror Project: (l-r) Storm Geary, David Trotter and Ali Srour