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Posted on Monday, September 11, 2023

Meet Reid Sanderson ’25, one of 10 students selected for a 2023 Summer Research Fellowship. Reid is a junior broadcasting and sports communication major from Meadville, Pa. Working with his faculty mentor and School of Communication faculty member Bradley Weaver, Reid spent his summer months working as creator, producer and showrunner of the television program, “The Green Team.”
Outside of the classroom, Reid is active with the Agape Bible Study group.

Why did you apply for the Summer Research Fellowship?  
I applied for the Summer Research Fellowship because I saw it was a great way to make some money over the summer and I was going to be doing something that involved my major. When I knew I was going to take on the role of producer, it was a dream. I wanted to become more familiar with working with editing software, cameras and videography equipment.  

Can you briefly describe your research project?  
I am the creator/producer of the television program, “The Green Team,” a show about three Westminster College students doing research. I’m working with Avery Keenan and Hallie Hughes who are both rising sophomores and environmental science majors. Avery’s research is done at the Westminster Apiary on honeybees and Hallie’s research is on nature therapy. This is a mix of traditional and new. We mixed the TikTok style of videos with traditional filmmaking.

The Green Team is not a news program. We want this to be educational and enjoyable to our viewers. The original goal that my adviser, Professor Brad Weaver, and I had aimed for was a 30-minute pilot episode on these students' research. However, we would also add segments that took the audience outside to learn about nature and the environment all while keeping it educational and fun. We wanted something that would help the recruitment of the Environmental Science department and the Center for the Environment. After hours of planning and developing, we had it.
What is your favorite part about research?
My favorite part about the research was getting together with my team—Avery Keenan, Hallie Hughes, Professor Weaver, Dr. Patrick Krantz and Dr. Helen Boylan—and learning about their research, and using that information to tell a story that will help people of all ages learn about the outdoors, honeybees and nature therapy. I also loved working with production equipment and familiarizing myself more with our editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro.
You collaborated with Mr. Brad Weaver. How was that experience and what kind of insight did she offer in your research?  
The experience was awesome! I have had a few classes with Professor Weaver now and it was a joy to get closer with him over the summer. We would have meetings and film around three to four times a week. During pre-production, he helped me organize and name the segments that were going to be in the show. Production-wise, he gave me advice about setting up certain shots and what locations would work best with what we were focusing on. Lastly, post-production, his help was greatly appreciated. I think I learned more from him on Premiere Pro then I would have in an entire semester. If it weren’t for Professor Weaver and his insight, this project wouldn’t have gotten off the ground and it wouldn’t have looked nearly as good.

Also, during this project, I had a great team working with me in Prof. Weaver, Dr. Krantz, Avery, Hallie, and Dr. Boylan. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the success that I have had without them and their hard work.
How has your work this summer shaped your student and future career success?
My work has given me a confidence boost. From all that I’ve learned, I can see myself creating some great projects for future classes. I’m excited to use this new information I’ve learned and apply it to my possible senior capstone project. I’m very blessed I was able to get a such a great opportunity and now I can continue to practice and further develop the skills I have learned.
What’s been your favorite thing about Westminster?
Experiencing the Communications department. I love how I’ve been granted so many opportunities and I’ve been able to experience all walks of the department. I have served as an audio engineer twice on the WCN Cable Network for football games, I was a production assistant for my group’s team project for the 48-Hour Film Festival, I ran the teleprompter and cameras for Coaches Corner and I was a Titan Radio (88.9 FM) DJ for two semesters.
What are your future plans?  
To continue to develop the skills I have learned and get a job right after graduation. My dream, if at all achievable, is to act or be a voice actor or become a producer/writer for television or movies.

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Sponsored by the Drinko Center for Undergraduate Research, Summer Research Fellowships at Westminster College allow students to conduct hands-on research and creative projects under the guidance of our experienced faculty mentors.