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Alumni, friends can celebrate Westminster College’s 170th birthday with funding opportunities, Wear Westminster Day

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Posted on Monday, January 17, 2022

January 2022 marks the 170th anniversary of Westminster College’s 1852 founding and campus officials are hoping alumni and friends will consider supporting Westminster in celebration of her milestone birthday.

The “1 Week to 170: A Birthday Campaign” crowdsourcing fundraising effort, running from Jan. 17-21, gives potential donors several impactful “birthday gift” ideas—all designed to benefit students and the campus that has welcomed thousands for nearly two centuries.

“For Westminster’s 170th birthday, we hope to celebrate her through pride and giving,” said Kara Montgomery, senior director of alumni engagement. “Potential donors can select one of our funding projects and show their affinity for our beautiful campus, her people and, most importantly, her students.”

This year, donors can offer support to student emergency funding, student fitness and wellbeing efforts, the new Westminster Apiary, campus beautification projects or wherever funds are needed most. Through the online giving platform GiveCampus, alumni, friends, campus partners, parents, students and employees can view the five fundraising projects online and contribute immediately to the cause—or causes—that interest them.

“GiveCampus makes supporting Westminster easier and faster for donors and allows them to see their impact and support of niche programs instantaneously,” said Montgomery, adding that the online platform offers Venmo and PayPal giving options.

Student Emergency Fund
The Student Emergency Fund (SEF) offers support to Westminster students when they need help the most: in times of emergency. In recent years, the SEF has helped nearly 80 students continue their Westminster educations despite financial setbacks.

“So many families continue to be impacted with job losses and income reductions. It is hard to anticipate future needs, but it is nice that the Student Emergency Fund is ready and waiting when they need it,” said Cheryl Gerber, director of financial aid.

Student Fitness and Well Being
The modern student of today needs options when it comes to staying active and being healthy.  Westminster students have expressed a need and a desire for on-demand virtual fitness options which fit their busy and varying schedules.  Gifts to this area may support the purchase of virtual class subscriptions, virtual equipment and updated fitness center equipment.

“With the implementation of upgrades and the modernization of the student fitness programs, we hope it will be one of the many selling points to engage and enroll potential students at Westminster College and to meet the needs of our current students,” said Sarah Holzer, a graduate assistant for campus recreation and well being.

The Westminster College Apiary
Part of the Center for the Environment, the Westminster College Apiary introduces students to the world of beekeeping and provides hands-on experience in science, agriculture and entrepreneurship as they care for bees and harvest honey. Students have expressed in interest in selling the harvested honey, and dollars to this fund will help support the creation of a honey processing station and provide additional resources needed to make this a viable and profitable opportunity for students.

“There is a real need for a honey processing shed at the apiary. This would help our students’ time to be utilized in the most efficient way and help perpetuate our honey sales business model,” said Dr. Patrick Krantz, associate professor of environmental science and director of Westminster’s outdoor laboratory.

Campus Beautification
This fund seeks to provide funding for keeping Westminster’s campus beautiful now and into the future. From updating old benches or bringing a cohesive look to campus landscaping, contributions to this project ensure that Westminster College maintains her beauty many more years.

“With a project like campus beautification, I think everybody wins. Students get to use the new amenities and the overall appearance of campus helps with recruiting and creating a stronger institution,” said Ken Romig ’85, vice president for finance and management services.

“One aspect that has proven to be a driving force in attracting students is the natural beauty and quintessential college appearance of our campus,” said Montgomery. “The warm and cozy feel of Westminster’s surroundings has been one of the best parts of Westminster over the past 170 years.”  

Wherever Needed Most
This fund focuses on flexible dollars to aid in any and every area of the college—wherever funds are needed.

“Giving to the Wherever Needed Most Fund offers us the flexibility in using the gifts in support of College priorities,” said Westminster College President Dr. Kathy Brittain Richardson. “Gifts have an immediate impact on our students, faculty, staff and the financial health of the College.”

The five-day “1 Week to 170: A Birthday Campaign” is being offered through the GiveCampus online platform. Interested donors can participate between Monday, Jan. 17 through 5 p.m. Friday, Jan. 21, by visiting and exploring the five projects.

“One of the driving forces of success for this effort and this type of fundraising is the foundational support from our campaign advocates. Westminster trustees, alumni and council members have put forth generous matches to allow every donor’s dollars to stretch further,” said Montgomery, adding that this year’s matches and challenges showcase dollar-to-dollar matches, as well as funds matched for every donor to respective projects.  A list of matches and challenges can be found on specific campaign pages on the GiveCampus platform.

The Westminster community will continue the birthday celebration with Wear Westminster Day on Friday, Jan. 21. Alumni, students, friends and employees are encouraged to wear their Westminster clothing and gear and share their Titan spirit photos on social media using #WWD22 or send to
A hybrid birthday party will be held at noon on Friday, Jan. 21, in the TUB, located in the McKelvey Campus Center. Students and the campus family can attend in person while alumni can participate via Zoom. For more details, contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at or click here.