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Senior explores loss in audio documentary capstone project

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Posted on Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Westminster College senior Tomas Maeilli explored how undergraduate students who have suffered the death of a loved one while in college cope with loss and grief in his School of Communication audio documentary capstone project released in November.

The 16-minute "Never Walk Alone" debuted online and reflected his own personal catharsis. The individual interdisciplinary major in film and production discusses his own personal loss and  grieving process.

"In this documentary, there will be a clear description of the five stages of grief, described by the Kubler Ross model," said Maielli. "It tells the story of a few different individuals that explain how they have experienced grief. This project is meant to help people who have been in the grieving process or are currently in it. It could let them know that it is perfectly natural to feel the way that they do."

Maeilli of Ellwood City, Pa., is one of 10 students releasing micro-documentaries as part of their capstone experience in the School of Communications. The 2020 student documentaries are part of the Broadcasting and Media program's documentary production course.

At Westminster, the final component of liberal studies is a senior study, or capstone, course.  The capstone is a four-semester-hour course within the major designed to provide an opportunity for students to evaluate and assess the strengths and limitations of their major field. The capstone experience permits opportunity for structured reflection on the value of education in and beyond the major and provides an opportunity to strengthen communication and problem-solving skills.

To listen to Maeilli's audio documentary, click here.

For more information, contact Brad Weaver, lecturer of broadcast communication in Westminster College’s School of Communication, at or 724-946-7238.