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Wednesday, October 9, 2019, 7:30 PM

Cirque Mei

Elite Circus Artists and Acrobats from the Hebei Province, China

Direct from the People’s Republic of China, this ensemble of elite circus performers thrills the young and old alike with their amazing feats of agility, strength, and poise. The spectacular performances are a colorful and lively celebration of the Chinese circus arts, which are famous throughout the world. Cirque Mei blends ancient artistry with breathtaking energy for a non-stop extravaganza of acrobatics, contortion tricks, juggling acts, and balancing feats. This remarkable company features 40 leading circus artists and acrobats from the northern Hebei Province who execute many of the most popular Chinese circus routines, including hoops diving, lion dance, collective bicycle skills, flying meteors, foot juggling with umbrellas, and more. Bring the whole family to experience the beauty, wonder, and excitement of Cirque Mei.

Box Office

Order by phone:
  (724) 946-7354


Single Tickets

Student $15, $39,$33,$27


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