How to Make Your Organization's Web Page

  1. Select a software program in which to create your web page. There are many different programs to choose from including Notepad, Microsoft Word and Adobe Dreamweaver, among others.

  2. Create a new file for each page in your web site. Each page should include content that you wish for users to be able to see. Remember that all of your content will be accessible to the public.

  3. Include links on your web page so that visitors will be able to navigate between the pages. Make sure to correctly name the links as well. For example, to create a link to your homepage, link to "index.html" instead of "http://www..."

  4. Once you have finished your web page, turn the files in to Gina Vance. Once the pages are approved, the files will be transferred to Information Systems and housed on the school's server.


  1. The school MUST house the web page on its server.
    It is against Information Systems policy to link to your web page otherwise.

  2. Use current pictures and include captions underneath them.

  3. Use contrasting colors on your web page for easy visibility.

  4. Keep it simple.

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