14th Annual Equipment Hand-Off gives Old Tech New Life

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Westminster Audio Visual Services believes that reducing, reusing, and recycling helps everyone in the long run. For the 14th consecutive year, the college academic support department has reached out to area schools and non-profit organizations, turning what some would call trash back into treasure.

As part of the annual AV Week celebration, each year AV Services identifies used presentation equipment items that no longer serve a purpose or meets a current standard established by the college.

"These items still have useful years of life left, and can be very attractive to schools and non-profits lacking funding to purchase such devices," said Chelsey Isler, AV Assistant Equipment Circulation manager. "Through the annual Gently-Used Hand-Off Drive, our hope is that these items might continue to provide educational support in a new home."

On Thursday, October 17th, the winning names were selected from the local schools and non-profits that entered the drawing and the winners were notified to arrange pick-up.

"People are so appreciative, and we love that this older work-horse equipment keeps plugging on for the benefit of many others," added Jake Brown, AV Classroom Technical Support manager. "We also provide information on safe recycling of the items for when they finally do give out."

Over 100 schools and non-profit organizations have benefitted from the program which culminates each year during Westminster's AV Week celebration. Details on the program and entering in future drawings can be found here.

For more information contact Gary Swanson at (724) 946-7188 or avstaff@westminster.edu.

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