Darwin Huey ('74) earns 2011 Service and Support Award

Monday, October 31, 2011

Dr. Darwin Huey, a 1974 Westminster College graduate has earned the 2011 Service and Support Award from Westminster's Audio Visual Services. Open to all qualifying Westminster College alumni, the award is presented annually as the finale to the college's AV Week celebration.

Dr. Huey is a faculty member in the Education Department and has been serving Westminster since his arrival as a first year student nearly 40 years ago. His career began as an English teacher at Mayfield High School in Ohio before he returned to his alma mater as an instructor in the Education department. In his time at Westminster, Dar has served in many capacities and he has held several titles, beginning as a Graduate Assistant working in AV Services under the supervision of Mr. Bob Galbreath ('76) and later becoming the Director of AV Services ('77). Dar served in this leadership role for almost a decade.

Dar, affectionately known by his good friends, of whom there are many, as "Old Coot", guided Westminster through a high stakes decision of committing to vhs over beta format recordings. He also oversaw the centralization of media resources for the College; an important step in the instructional and media support capacity that AV Services fulfills today. Dar is an ardent supporter of the work of AV Services, an Honorary Member the department, and a constant and reliable friend to the program.

Dr. Huey effectively served as chair of the Department of Education for 12 years before stepping into the role of Director of the Graduate Program for the college with continued success. His classroom reaches well beyond the walls of Old Main. First as a player, then later as an assistant ('76-90) and the defensive coordinator ('91-'98), Coach Huey was an integral part of some of the finest Titan Football teams in Westminster's storied history. His outreach and support to educators, athletes, alumni and friends of the college is exhaustive. It is hard to visit an educational institution anywhere in the region that doesn't have a fond connection to "Dar."

Director of AV Services, Gary L. Swanson (‘88) said he was thrilled with the judges selection of Dr. Huey for this award.  "The award committee was unanimous in recognizing that there are few people who exemplify this award more. Dar's unlimited access and commitment to outstanding leadership and teaching not only from his undergraduate and graduate level classrooms, but also from the roles he's so excellently served as a coach, mentor, father, and friend, all of which he performs humbly yet with a zest rarely paralleled, make him an obvious selection for this award."

Details on the award, past winners, and how to nominate someone for the 2012 award are available online at this link: http://www.westminster.edu/resources/av/av_awards.cfm

For more information, email avstaff@westminster.edu , visit our website, http://www.westminster.edu/av , the AV Week page, http://www.westminster.edu/avweek or check us out on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/WCAVS

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Humble with a zest rarely paralleled.

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