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Career Center

Welcome to the Westminster College Career Center, where we can help map out the road that leads to your dream career. This means thoroughly examining your personal and professional goals and creating objectives to reach them. Here are the first steps you can take to prepare for this journey:


Create Experiences


An Emphasis on Internships

  • Alumni Interview Program Students may speak with alumni who are professionals in the field(s) in which they are interested. A list of alumni contacts may be obtained according to occupational and geographic preferences.
  • Alumni Shadowing Program Sponsored by the Alumni Office and the Career Center, this program provides students with opportunities to spend a day in the field with an alum in an area of professional interest.
  • Titan Homes Do you have the opportunity to do a great internship but need a place to stay? Check with the Career Center for a list of alumni willing to house you during your internship. Titan Homes Student Guidelines

Internships provide invaluable opportunities to gain skills and insights that can’t be discovered any other way. That’s why Westminster College strongly encourages all of their students to participate in one or more internship experiences by the time they graduate. Not only are these experiences valuable for personal growth, but they open doors, linking potential employers to our students.

Internships may be served during any term, over breaks and during summer. Academic credit is awarded for faculty-approved, registered internships. Some internships are paid, but most are not.


How the Career Center helps to make these experiences happen:

  • Inviting recruiters to campus to interview applicants for internships
  • Hosting an annual Internship/Summer Job Fair
  • Providing database lists of sites where previous internships have been served (available upon request)
  • Bringing alumni and other professionals to campus to speak about internship opportunities with their organizations
  • Working one-on-one with students to locate internship opportunities

Students are encouraged to contact Katy DeMedal at the Career Center at (724)946-6338 or help in arranging an internship.


Registration Procedure for Credit Internships

Possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the approval of the academic department awarding credit. Westminster’s philosophy is that students benefit from arranging their own internships by developing and applying networking and job search skills to design an experience that matches their individual academic, personal and professional goals.

An internship is a three-way agreement among the student, a faculty member, and an on-site supervisor.

The student is responsible for:

  • Contacting the internship site and arranging the internship
  • Consulting with a faculty supervisor to determine departmental eligibility and methods for evaluation and grading
  • Completing all required paperwork, obtaining necessary signatures, and submitting paperwork
  • Registering for academic credit

The Faculty Supervisor is responsible for:

  • Setting the academic standards
  • Granting approval
  • Evaluating the student’s work
  • Assigning the grade

The On-Site Supervisor is responsible for:

  • Providing supervision and the opportunity for the student to gain meaningful experience
  • Submitting an evaluation at the conclusion of the internship
  • Employers, please click here to learn more about Internships at Westminster College.


Internship Approval & Paperwork

  1. Application for Internship form can be completed on MyWestminster after Career Center is notified of a potential internship. Call (724) 946-7338, email, or visit the Career Center on the third floor of McKelvey Campus Center.
  2. Print form for on-site signature. Once the form is completed online, print for the on-site supervisor’s signature.
  3. Approval for Internship: The internship goes through an email approval process so the Advisor must be aware of the details and once all necessary faculty have approved, final approval is made by the Career Center once the form with the on-site supervisor’s signature is received. 

IMPORTANT:  All internship paperwork must be completed and submitted prior to commencement of the internship and on or before the last day to add a course for the semester (Drop/Add Deadline).  Internship credits cannot be earned retroactively.  Students are not permitted to register for credit after completing the internship.


Internship Details

  • Credit internships require faculty approval and registration
  • Students may earn from 1 to 4 credit hours for an internship
  • 40 hours of on-the-job internship experience are required for each academic credit hour awarded

    1 credit = minimum of 40 internship hours

    2 credits = minimum of 80 internship hours

    3 credits = minimum of 120 internship hours

    4 credits = minimum of 160 internship hours

  • Internships may be graded or taken on a S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) basis, as determined by the academic department awarding credit  
  • Some departments/majors require an internship and have their own prerequisites
  • Internships may be served during fall, spring, summer or winter break
  • No additional tuition is charged for internships taken during the regular academic year as part of the normal credit load; the Academic Overload Policy will apply to a course load in excess of 19 semester hours and each semester hour beyond 19 will be billed at the semester-hour rate
  • A flat internship enrollment fee of $250 will be charged for an internship which is registered for the summer session; no tuition charge or additional fee will be charged for internship credit hours earned during the summer session (This fee applies only to internships and only to the summer session.)
  • Internships may be done within or outside of a student’s academic major
  • An internship may be served for credit or non-credit


Tips for Making the Most of an Internship Experience

  • Look and act like a professional
  • Treat it like a real job
    • Arrive on time
    • Dress appropriately
  • Keep a positive attitude
    • Not every internship turns out to be a positive experience, but it is important to leave a positive impression
    • Don’t complain about work while at the office
  • Be proactive — learn
    • Complete assignments in a timely manner, and then ask your supervisor what else you can do to help.
    • Supervisors comment on this more than any other aspect of an internship.
  • Some menial tasks are OK
    • Your internship should not consist solely of menial tasks, but there are some in virtually every job
    • If you’re asked to file papers, get coffee, or make copies, do it with a smile and show your supervisor that you’re eager to help and dedicated enough to be assigned larger tasks
    • However, there is a difference between running an errand and spending a whole day running errands—talk to your supervisor if this becomes a concern
  • Silence your cell phone
    • Limit personal phone calls
    • Do not text-message on the job
    • At work be 100% engaged
  • Network
    • Introduce yourself to everyone in the office
    • Don't be afraid to talk - just because you are a student does not mean you need to be intimidated
    • Before your internship ends, collect a business card from everyone you worked with
  • Give Thanks
    • At the end of your internship let everyone know how much you enjoyed working there and that you hope you will be considered for a permanent job
    • Repeat this in a thank you note after you have left
    • Enjoy your internship



An off-campus internship or experiential learning experience that is not registered with Westminster College as a course experience for academic credit is not a recognized course and is not sanctioned or endorsed by the College.  The College does not assume any responsibility for or liability in connection with such unregistered non-credit experiences.  Students participating in such unregistered internship experiences assume all ensuing risks.


Westminster alumni play an important role in helping students and fellow alumni chart their course. Your experience, your credibility, and your advice are invaluable as complements to the programs, services and resources offered here on campus. Here are a few suggestions for ways alumni can get involved:

  • Update your profile. The single most helpful step is also the easiest: please visit the Alumni page and update your information, particularly the sections covering professional information. Lastly, please include a personal email address so students can easily communicate with you via the email link in your profile. Take the Graduate Survey.

  • House a Student during Summer Term (Titan Homes). Housing is a critical factor for many students considering internship opportunities. It can be very difficult and expensive for students to rent an apartment for a few months during the summer. We hate to see students decline internship experiences because they’re unable to afford the associated costs of living expenses. The Career Center is aggressively working to develop funding sources to help students cover the expenses and lost earnings of summer internships, and your ability to offer housing to Westminster students helps us extend that support to more students. (Volunteer on Alumni Page)

  • Join the Westminster Group on LinkedIn. Currently more than 2000 Westminster Alumni have joined LinkedIn, making it a vibrant community that provides lively discussions with other alumni as well as practical advice for students exploring their role in the professional world. 

Alumni, please email the Career Center if you are willing to:

  • Share Your Experience. A 30-minute conversation, whether on the phone or over a cup of coffee, can be invaluable for a student exploring career options. You don’t need to be an expert or a luminary; all it takes is a willingness to talk about your career path, share advice, and provide insights on how you got from here to there.

  • Send us your job leads. Post-graduate job leads from our alumni and parents are critical to the success of Westminster students and are greatly appreciated by the Career Center. If you know of any internship or entry-level opportunities within your organization, please submit them to the Career Center so that we can share them with students.

  • Sponsor an Internship. Internships provide students with realistic exposure to occupational fields in which they are interested. The Career Center helps facilitate internships for students. We also welcome internship offers from parents of students, employers, and other friends of the College. If you're not in a position to sponsor an intern yourself, please talk with your HR department about other ways to include Westminster College in their internship program.