Chris Molnar '14

Scholarships were the primary reason for my decision to attend Westminster. I knew the College had a good academic reputation. I also like the area because I grew up in a small town like New Wilmington. My time in the small town environment helped me to form closer bonds with people.

I have been able to mix things up on a regular basis. I am not limited to my major. I was involved in the music program through high school, and I was very pleased to be able to be a part of the musical ensembles on campus. I also managed to juggle my time between school, music, and playing on the golf team. It is a challenge, but it is worth it.

Without Alumni gifts there would be very few scholarships available to students. Scholarships are a major factor for many students when they consider what colleges to apply to. I personally receive a scholarship from the school and my deepest thanks go out to the alumni who support funding for scholarships.

I constantly think about what I want to do after graduation. I have changed my mind a number of times. My current goal is to secure employment in the chemical industry and then go back to graduate school for a Masters in chemical engineering. The education I received at Westminster will definitely help me in reaching my goals. I am so fortunate for the ability to complete a major in chemistry and still take courses outside of my major to expand my horizons.

Many thanks to the members of the chemistry, physics, math/CS, and music departments who dedicate their time and effort to the students. I appreciate the support of my classmates in my major who have helped me grow throughout my Westminster experience. A special thanks to my parents. Without their help and support, I would not be where I am today.