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Cost of Attendance

2020-2021 undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Activity Fee
Total Tuition
New Student Orientation (1 time fee)


All undergraduate students are charged a flat tuition amount of $18,537.50 per semester if taking a full-time course load of 12 to 19 semester hours. The tuition charge for course loads above 19 hours will be equal to the flat rate plus $1,175 for each semester hour above 19 hours. Course loads below 12 semester hours will be billed at the rate of $1,175 per semester hour.

Undergraduate students and resident degree-seeking special students will be charged an Activity Fee of $300 per semester. This pays for admission to athletic events, theatre productions, undergraduate research, student health services and injury insurance. The Activity Fee also includes an allocation authorized by the Board of Trustees for the support of Student Publications and the Student Government Association.


Room Charges

Double Occupancy
Design Single
Super Single


Berlin Village Townhouse

Berlin Village Townhouse and Meal Plan


All full-time undergraduate students are required to live in a college residence hall unless a student has received permission from the College to live off-campus, in a fraternity house or commute from home. Students wishing to reserve a particular room on campus must participate in the College housing selection process. Cancellation of on-campus housing accommodations after June 1 will result in an administrative fee of $125.00.


Undergraduate Meal Plan

Undergraduate Meal Plan


Special Fees

Tuition per semester hour (part-time or overload)
Audit Fee per course
Reservation Deposit (Damage and loss deposit)
Student Teaching Fee
Late Payment Fee
Music Fee for voice or instrument only beyond the requirements of the standard curriculum, per weekly half-hour lesson
Music Fee for voice or instrument only beyond the requirements of the standard curriculum, per weekly hour lesson
Coaching Fee - Music Major
Coaching Fee - Music Minor 


Reservation Deposit

Upon acceptance at Westminster you are required to pay a reservation deposit. If you attend Westminster and later graduate or withdraw and have no outstanding charges, such as unpaid parking tickets, unpaid library fines, outstanding residence hall damage or other unpaid charges, the deposit will be refunded to you approximately 60 days after withdrawal or graduation.


2020 UNDERGRADUATE summer session TUITION & room charges

Tuition per semester hour
Room Charge
Summer Internship Fee
Music Lesson Fee half-hour
Music Lesson Fee hour


2020-2021 GRADUATE school TUITION & FEES

Graduate Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Masters of Business Administration
All Other Graduate Students
Tuition per semester hour



2020-2021 Post-Bach Certification

Tuition per semester hour



2020-2021 early college tuition & fees (high school Students)

Tuition per 4 semester hour course
Auxiliary Fee
$40.00 per course
Total Charge per 4 semester hour course




Traditional Undergraduate Students

All internships, except those registered for Summer Session, are counted as part of tuition hours. Any over 19 hours will be billed at the per credit rate per hour over.

Graduate Students

Tuition per credit for an internship taken through the graduate program will be equal to the cost per graduate credit.