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Majors and Minors


Majors and Minors


Concentrates on the importance of accurate, relevant, and timely information. Majors develop, interpret, and evaluate data capturing the financial activities of a business. Assessing business activities and their financial consequences make accountants ideally capable of developing business solutions. Westminster accounting majors planning to become licensed CPAs can achieve 150 credit hours by working closely with their accounting advisor beginning their freshman year.

Business Administration

Builds a foundation for successful entrepreneurship through strategic management, organizational behavior, and effective leadership and change. Students explore multiple disciplines and participate in hands-on opportunities while experiencing a variety of business structures.


Focuses on financial markets with courses in accounting, business, and economics. Through this course of study, students strengthen their ability to use analytical techniques for banking, financial analysis, and funds management.

Human Resources Management

Applies psychological concepts, theories, and methods to organizational processes with an emphasis on human resource functions. Not only does this cross-disciplinary major include courses in business, economics, mathematics, and psychology, but it also prepares students to assess and explain organizational patterns from multiple disciplinary viewpoints.

International Business

Equips students with cultural and language knowledge to complement an intensive background in business. Students in this program graduate with a background in the international aspects of economics and business with a proficiency in a second language, with special emphasis on the concepts of management, marketing, and finance.

Marketing and Professional Sales

Explores the managerial approach to developing processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value. Special emphasis will be placed on planning, implementing, and controlling product development as well as coordinating pricing, promotion, and distribution management strategies.

Sports Management

Prepares individuals to hone their knowledge in the core areas of communication (including media and public relations), facility and events, finance, law, management and marketing (including sponsorship, licensing and ticketing). Students will develop their career readiness skills, presentation literacy, and public speaking while acquiring the abilities that employers seek.

Double Majors

Please schedule an appointment with your academic advisor before pursuing a double major. NOTE: You are not guaranteed to be able to complete multiple majors and/or minors in the standard four-year time period.


Minors are offered in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, Management for Scientists, Marketing, and Sports Management.
NOTE: You are not guaranteed to be able to complete multiple majors and/or minors in the standard four-year time period.