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Internship Guidelines


School of Business Internship Procedure:

  1. Student talks to internship instructor – Discuss viability of internship idea. Students are advised to begin the internship process in the semester before they plan to intern.
    1. Internship instructor will give student this check-off sheet to help with the internship process.
    2. Discuss internship idea, description of work assignment, work schedule, goals, number of credits, and School of Business guidelines and requirements.
    3. Acquire School of Business Internship folder containing Internship Guidelines and Requirements (Blue for regular internship packet, green for VITA internship packet, or find on D2L ACC/BA/ECO 59x Course page).
  2. Student notifies Professional Development Center (PDC) of potential internship via calling 724-946-7338 or visiting (recommended) the Professional Development Center on 2nd floor of McKelvey Campus Center. Students are advised to begin the internship process in the semester before they plan to intern.
    1. Complete Application for Internship form on my.westminster and submit.
    2. Print a copy of Application for Internship form and obtain signature of your on-site supervisor.
    3. Return completed Application for Internship form with on-site supervisor signature to PDC.
    4. Complete and return the Election for Off-Campus Activities form to PDC.
    5. In my.westminster, choose terms and agree to Terms and Conditions.
    6. IMPORTANT: All internship paperwork must be completed and submitted prior to commencement of the internship and on or before the last day to add a course for the semester (Drop/Add Deadline). Internship credits cannot be earned retroactively. Students are not permitted to register for credit after completing the internship.
  3. Student talks to academic advisor (in person or by phone) - Discuss internship idea. If they approve:
    1. Academic advisor must grant registration clearance so student can register for an internship (Fall, Spring, or Summer).
    2. Via email prompt, academic advisor must “approve” internship in my.westminster Workflows and assign instructor.
  4. Via email prompt, internship instructor must “approve” internship in my.westminster Workflows and assign S/U grading and credits 1-4.
    1. Instructor will email student Internship Guidelines and Requirements and due dates or use D2L.
  5. Via email prompt, School of Business Chair reviews and approves/rejects internship in my.westminster Workflows.
  6. If not done already, student submits completed Application for Internship form with the on-site supervisor’s signature to Professional Development Center. PDC reviews and approves.
  7. Registrar registers student.
    1. Registrar sends student verification email.
    2. Registration deadlines - Plan ahead. All paperwork and signatures must be submitted on a timely basis. – Credit hours will not be issued for internships if deadlines are missed.
      1. Summer deadline – June 1
      2. Fall and Spring deadline - Internships follow regular course registration deadlines.
  8. Cost and fees:
    1. Summer - $400 fee for all internships (1 CH - 4 CH). (Internship fee subject to change.)
    2. Fall & Spring - Normal tuition fees apply.

School of Business Internship Guidelines:

  1. Students must be School of Business majors.
  2. Students must have completed at least three courses toward their major (waived for VITA internship).
  3. Students must have sophomore, junior, or senior standing during the internship.
  4. Students must have GPA of at least 2.0.
  5. Students must have consent of the School of Business.
  6. Internships MUST be approved PRIOR to the work experience. Internship experience will NOT be retroactively awarded credit.

Internship Rules and Requirements:

  1. School of Business encourages students to negotiate their own internships. Writing letters, making telephone calls, and arranging meetings to locate a business that will sponsor your internship is part of the internship experience.
  2. School of Business grants one (1) - Internship semester hour (SH) for every 40 clock hours on-the-job (OTJ). Four credit-hour internships require at least 160 hours of OTJ participation (example: 4 weeks x 5 days-per-week x 8 hours-per-day = 160 clock hours).
  3. Interns must keep a daily work log keeping tally of their OTJ hours and work activities. Students are required to give an accounting of daily and total OTJ hours worked.
  4. Students may register for 1, 2, 3, or 4 SH internships.
  5. Internship grades are issued on satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) basis.
  6. Internship SH that are in your major discipline, do count as hours in the major discipline.
  7. Two regular internships, max 8 SH total, are permitted toward the 125 SH required for graduation. The second internship must differ “substantially and significantly” from your first internship.
  8. Two VITA internships (1 SH each, max 2 SH total), are permitted to count toward the required 125 SH.
  9. A total of 14 internship SH (4 SH in addition to the hours from items #7 & #8 above) are permitted to help students reach 150 SH required for CPA licensure.
  10. Internships for credit must be completed prior to graduation. A full-time permanent job may not be used for internship credit.
  11. Direct supervision is required. Internship must provide a meaningful learning experience.
  12. Work supervisor may not be a parent, grandparent, or sibling.
  13. Internship instructor may contact your work supervisor to monitor specifics of your internship.
  14. All internship academic assignments must be submitted by required deadlines.
  15. A “round table” meeting of all students who have completed internships may be required to discuss the WC internship program. School of Business values your comments and suggestions.