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School of Business Handbook



School of Business Mission Statement:

The School of Business commits to develop in students critical thinking leading to logically sound conclusions, competency in oral and written communication, awareness of ethical issues and effective moral reasoning, and building technical skills directly related to School of Business majors and minors.

School of Business Outcomes:

  1. Students will demonstrate competency in data analysis and statistical reasoning.
  2. Students will develop and exhibit effective oral and written communication skills, including interpersonal, leadership, and team skills necessary for business professionals.
  3. Students will identify contemporary business issues and apply relevant knowledge facilitating logically sound resolutions.
  4. Students will foster self-awareness enabling the selection of an appropriate career path and will pursue career entry or graduate study.

Important Points

Graduation Requirements

Candidates for undergraduate degrees at Westminster must satisfactorily complete the requirements described in the Westminster College Undergraduate Catalog (the official source for requirements). Graduation and major requirements in this handbook are from the catalog corresponding to the handbook’s year. Academic advisors and the college registrar will make every effort to help you, but you are responsible for complying with Westminster’s graduation requirements.

School of Business Policies

Completion of at least 64 semester hours, including 16 in major, is required to be completed at WC. Students earn permission to enroll in sequential and advanced courses in accounting, business, and economics by completing the stipulated prerequisite courses with a grade of C- or better.

The School of Business requires its students to earn not only a grade point average of 2.000 for courses taken in their major, but also to earn grades of C- or better in each course stipulated as supporting major or minor programs in the School of Business.