Mission Statement

The Westminster College mission “is to help students develop competencies, commitments and characteristics that have distinguished human beings at their best.”

The Registrar’s Office at Westminster College seeks to support this mission by providing administrative and logistical support for the College’s curriculum, enforcing its academic policies, maintaining the integrity of its institutional and educational records, and facilitating an environment that is responsive to the needs of all students and constituencies.

To fulfill this mission, the Registrar’s Office has three primary goals, which are to:

  1. Administer an efficient registration and scheduling process to deliver the College’s curriculum in accordance with its policies and regulations.
  2. Provide timely, accurate guidance and support to students as they work toward degree completion.
  3. Ensure that the College maintains accurate personal, academic, and enrollment records for its entire student population, past and present, and provide access to data derived from these records only when appropriate.