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Requirements for the Major

Theatre Courses:

THE 102 Introduction to Acting
THE 111 Stagecraft I
THE 201 Script Analysis
THE 301 Practicum (x4)
THE 404 Directing
THE 601 Capstone I
THE 602 Capstone II

Plus, one of the following:

THE 370 Theatre History I
THE 371 Theatre History II

Plus, one of the following:

THE 210 Science on the Stage
THE 211/ENG 108 American Playwrights
THE 212/ENG 113 Shakespeare’s Plays
THE 213/ENG 124 African American Drama
THE 214/ENG 127 British and Irish Drama
THE/WRI 355 Playwriting

Plus, one of the following:

THE 321 Principles of Theatrical Design
THE 410 Advanced Topics: Advanced Stagecraft

Plus, one of the following:

THE 215 Soldiers on the Stage: Military Ent./Drama
THE 225 Theatre for Social Engagement

Plus, one of the following:

THE 101 Introduction to Theatre
THE/COM 151 Voice and Diction
THE 202 Acting II
THE 220 Introduction to Performance Studies
THE 221 Survey of American Musical Theatre
THE 251 Oral Interpretation


What can you do with a Theatre degree?

Imagine yourself a playwright, actor, public relations professional, business leader, event planner, or designer.