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Sports Management

Requirements for the Minor

All of the following:

ACC 201 Principles of Accounting I
BA 140 The American Workplace
COM 301 Applied Social Media
COM 320 Perspectives on Sports Media and Communication
SMGT 201 Practical Experience
SMGT 301 Introduction to Sports Administration

Plus, two of the following:

BA 230 Business Law
BA 305 Marketing
BA 310 Organizations and Management
BA 325 Management Information Systems
BA 335 Sports/Event Planning and Management
BA 360 Human Resources Management
BA 594 Internship
BC 309 Sports Broadcasting
COM 225 Communication Ethics
COM 303 Sales Communication
PR 101 Principles, Practices, and Theory of Public Relations
PR 311 Selected Topics in Public Relations
PR 402 Public Relations and the Media
SOC 307 Sociology of Sport

Students must earn a GPA of at least 2.000 in these courses with no grade lower than C-.



What can you do with a Sports Management degree?

Imagine yourself a sports marketing specialist, sports information director, facilities manager, athletic or athletic conference director, personnel manager, sports related business operator, sales representative, and non-profit manager.