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Sports Management


An internship can provide a valuable contribution to your undergraduate education and be an attractive component of your resume. Internships facilitate valuable networking opportunities and can lead to full-time employment after graduation. Sports management students traditionally complete their internship requirements during the summer so that they can enjoy the freedom to intern anywhere in the country and beyond. Interning in the summer also allows students to focus strictly on their professional growth.

For students interning in the summer, pursuit of the opportunity can begin as early as the preceding fall semester given the competitive nature of the sports management industry. Internship sites must be approved by the major’s program coordinator (Dr. Zullo) and be inclusive of the business and communication core curriculum. Internships should be line with students’ career aspirations and build upon previous experience. When students shortchange their internship aspirations it can do irreparable harm to their career goals.

Given the competitive nature of the industry students should be applying for multiple internship to improve their chances for success. Be aware that many organizations do not post their internships so the determined student must reach out and correspond directly with the site to achieve their ambitions. Attending job fairs and conferences are also instrumental in networking with larger organizations (ex. Steelers, Penguins, et al.) that frequently receive a great number of applicants. Students should also ensure that their LinkedIn profile is professional and updated prior to applying for internships.

For information on sports management internships:

A sample of useful resources in pursuing sports management internships:

Other online sites can be found through research on the Internet or contacting organizations directly. Be sure to consult with your advisor before subscribing to sports job websites that require payment.


What can you do with a Sports Management degree?

Imagine yourself a sports marketing specialist, sports information director, facilities manager, athletic or athletic conference director, personnel manager, sports related business operator, sales representative, and non-profit manager.