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Requirements for the Major with the World Religions Concentration

Religion courses:

REL 170 Basic Introduction to Religion in the World
REL 171 Religion in the Western World
REL 172 Religions from India
REL 173 Religion in China
REL 270 Method and Theory in the Study of Religion
REL 601 Capstone

Note: Majors enrolled in the All-College Honors Program will substitute courses numbered 660 and higher (totaling at least 4 semester hours) for REL 601.

Plus, one of the following:

REL 100 Understanding the Bible
REL 140 Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
REL 150 New Testament

Plus, one of the following:

REL 174 Religion in America
REL 175 Gender and Religion
REL 176 Religion and Art

Plus, one of the following:

REL 177 Religion and Society
REL 178 Philosophy of Religion
REL 260 Text and Meaning

Plus, two additional religion elective courses (See Course Descriptions for a complete list).


What can you do with a Religion degree?

Imagine yourself an international business executive, a counselor, a lawyer, journalist, teacher, social worker, Peace Corps volunteer, or pastor.