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Requirements for the Minor

Religion Courses:

REL 111 Understanding Religious Experience and Expression

One of the following courses:

REL 101 Understanding the Bible
REL 106 Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
REL 107 New Testament
REL 201 God and Moses in Torah
REL 207 The Synoptic Gospels
REL 208 The Gospel of John
REL 209 Paul and His Letters

One of the following courses:

REL 102 Understanding Christianity
REL 211 Eastern Orthodox Christianity
REL 212 Reformed/Presbyterian Theology and Worship

One of the following courses:

REL 116 Religions from the Middle East
REL 117 Religions from India
REL 118 Religions from China
REL 119 Religion in America

And 8 additional semester hours of Religion courses, at least on of which must be numbered 201 or higher.


What can you do with a Religion degree?

Imagine yourself an international business executive, a counselor, a lawyer, journalist, teacher, social worker, Peace Corps volunteer, or pastor.