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Requirements for the Major with the Christian Traditions Concentration

Religion Courses:

REL 102 Understanding Christianity
REL 106 Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
REL 107 New Testament
REL 111 Understanding Religious Experience and Expression
REL 301 Applied Biblical Interpretation
REL 601 Religion Capstone

And two of the following courses:

REL 201 God and Moses in Torah
REL 202 Prophetic Literature
REL 205 Apocalyptic Literature of the Bible

And two of the following courses:

REL 206 Jesus
REL 207 The Synoptic Gospels
REL 208 The Gospel of John
REL 209 Paul and His Letters

And one of the following courses:

REL 211 Eastern Orthodox Christianity
REL 212 Reformed/Presbyterian Theology and Worship
REL 221 Religion and Society
REL 222 Philosophy of Religion

And one additional religion elective course (See Course Descriptions for a complete list).


What can you do with a Religion degree?

Imagine yourself an international business executive, a counselor, a lawyer, journalist, teacher, social worker, Peace Corps volunteer, or pastor.