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Religion students at Westminster College come to understand and appreciate traditions of faith and contribute to a dialogue between and among people of various beliefs. Westminster, a church-related institution, remains dedicated to offering a faith-informed liberal arts education. Students select from two concentrations: World Religions or Christian Traditions. The former focuses on the study of religion as a universal phenomenon of human existence and culture, and also examines the variety of dominant religious traditions throughout world history. The latter focuses on the study of the Bible, the various developments and expressions of Christian thought, and the history of Christian churches. Students acquire cross-cultural understanding as well as research, written and oral presentation and critical thinking skills. In today’s multicultural workplace and global economy, basic knowledge about other cultures and religious perspectives is indispensable. Gathering information, organizing it, understanding it, and presenting it are skills developed in the study of religion.


The Religion Major in Photos

What can you do with a Religion degree?

Imagine yourself an international business executive, a counselor, a lawyer, journalist, teacher, social worker, Peace Corps volunteer, or pastor.