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Chamber Music

Potential ensembles include Flute Choir, woodwind chamber groups, brass chamber groups, Percussion Ensemble, string chamber groups, and mixed chamber groups.


Opera Westminster


Westminster College Wind Ensemble

Director: Dr. R. Tad Greig

wind ensemble picture

The Wind Ensemble at Westminster College was created by Dr. Greig in 1997, directly related to the enrollment expansion of the band program over the previous five years. The design is based closely on the traditional one-on-a-part instrumentation. This ensemble is one of three bands at Westminster including the Symphonic Band and “Titan” Marching Band.

The Wind Ensemble is selected through audition and rehearses three times per week for one hour. The Wind Ensemble performs a wide variety of the most challenging established and new works. This ensemble has received numerous commendations, most notably three guest appearances at the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association All-State Conference over the past decade. The conclusion of these performances was met with immediate standing ovations. The Wind Ensemble has also received favorable mention in both recent National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) reviews. The Wind Ensemble also shared international performance tours with the Westminster College Concert Choir to Spain and Scotland. Along with their concert performances, the Wind Ensemble has accompanied numerous student and faculty soloists and guest artists. The ensemble has also had the privilege of working with notable composer/conductors including Mark Camphouse, Dennis Fisher, and Andrew Boysen, Jr. The Wind Ensemble has premiered numerous works and regularly records for area composers, providing recordings to submit to various publishing houses. The Wind Ensemble prides itself on appreciating the history of wind band repertoire, regularly programming music that has stood the test of time. The ensemble and its director also appreciate the need to be ever expanding as musicians. As a result, there is a constant examination of newer works and composers as the ensemble strives to become more learned regarding contemporary, quality repertoire. The Wind Ensemble also acts as a teaching lab for future music professionals. There is an annual “Young Conductors Concert” in the fall where student conductors compete for a maximum of three opportunities to rehearse and conduct the group in preparation for the fall concert. Students involved in the Instrumental Methods and Instrumental Conducting courses have the ability to see and experience rehearsal planning and strategy in action throughout the course of the year as well.

Participation in this “select” large ensemble may be accomplished by audition every fall in the first week of classes (audition materials posted outside of room 51) and when there are openings due to members student teaching or unable to participate in the second semester (openings posted on Dr. Greig’s door). All students with interest are encouraged to audition.


Sound Clips


  • "Instinctive Travels" by Michael Markowski (Published by Manhattan Beach Music)

The following clips are from Lincolnshire Posy by Percy Grainger (Used with Permission)

  • "Horkstow Grange"

  • "Brisk Young Sailor"

The following clip is from Sketches on a Tudor Psalm by Fisher Tull (Used with Permission)

  • "Sketches on a Tudor Psalm Excerpt"

Westminster College Marching And Symphonic Bands

Director: Dr. R. Tad Greig

Marching Band

marching band picture

The Westminster College “Titan” Marching Band is typically the largest single group on campus including between 95 and 100 musicians, color guard and danceline. The Titan band performs for all home football games along with three guest appearances throughout the area at various marching band festivals and competitions. The Titan band begins the year with a one-week band camp scheduled immediately prior to the beginning of the school year. Once the Fall semester begins, the band rehearses two times per week (same schedule as the Symphonic band that commences following the football season). This ensemble works for any student with interest, and the rehearsal and performance schedule does not conflict with any other coursework. This is an open-enrollment ensemble for all who have experience and interest. Danceline and Colorguard do have auditions which require a submission of a video so that skill sets may be evaluated. These may be emailed or mailed to Dr. Greig by May of each year.

The Titan band performs a mix of artistic, original music as well as jazz and rock styles. All who are considering the bands at Westminster Bands can simply complete the Band Musical Interest Form and return it to Dr. Greig. Upon receipt of the form, an email with more in-depth information on the band program will be mailed electronically.


Symphonic Band

symphonic band picture

The Westminster College Symphonic Band is an open enrollment ensemble for those with instrumental experience. There are no auditions required for inclusion, though one may choose to audition for specific chair placement within sections. This ensemble includes majors from the entire campus who wish to continue to share their love of music while pursuing other degrees. The ensemble rehearses two times per week at a rehearsal time strategically placed where it does not conflict with any other courses. This 70-80 member ensemble performs an eclectic mix of new and classic symphonic band repertoire on two concerts per year. Along with Dr. Greig, Conductor, this ensemble has experienced multiple guest artists and conductors providing an even more enriching musical experience. Students enrolled for “Band” (MUS 401 V)may use this ensemble to fulfill one of their Liberal Arts (Intellectual Perspectives) requirements by being enrolled for four successive semesters. As a result, you may do something enjoyable while fulfilling an all-college requirement!

In the Fall semester, this ensemble is combined with the “Titan” Marching Band (Marching Band from Band Camp through the first or second week of November) transitioning to Symphonic Band at the conclusion of the football season. In the Spring semester, the Symphonic Band rehearses for the entire semester.

For more information, contact Dr. Greig (724) 946-7279,


Sound Clips

  • "Ignition" by Todd Stalter (© 2011 by ALFRED MUSIC, All Rights Reserved)

Westminster College Jazz Ensemble

Director: Dr. Timothy Winfield

jazz ensemble picture

The Westminster College Jazz Ensemble is a student ensemble, directed by Dr. Tim Winfield, that performs a wide array of literature, from traditional swing to modern jazz. The jazz ensemble performs at least three concerts on campus per academic year. When opportunities arise, the group also performs concerts outside of the Westminster College campus.

The Westminster College Jazz Ensemble rehearses Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 7:00pm to 8:15pm, in Patterson Hall, room 51.

All students interested in performing in the jazz ensemble are welcomed and encouraged to audition, regardless of their major. Interested students should contact Dr. Tim Winfield and find the audition music below.


Additional Information

Jazz Ensemble auditions will take place the Sunday before classes start, August 16, 2020 on the stage of Orr Auditorium, 10:00am - 5:00pm. The audition music and sign up sheet is available through this link. If you have issues making it to the audition, but would like to be part of jazz ensemble please contact Dr. Winfield at or 724-946-7274.

Here are the safety procedures set in place for this audition:

  • All auditionees will enter Orr Auditorium from the South Stage Door (The door facing the field house and stairwell).
  • Following the audition, auditionees will exit the opposite side of the stage from which they entered.
  • Please enter the stage at your audition time, not sooner and not later. The stage door will be open to avoid multiple people touching the doorknob. The open door does not mean you should enter the stage. Again, wait for your specific audition time.
  • While waiting to enter the stage, maintain at least 6 feet distance from the others.
  • There is extra time built in to the schedule so the music stand, chair, and any equipment can be sanitized between auditionees.
  • All auditionees must wear facemasks during the audition. Brass and woodwind instrumentalists should take their masks off while they are performing their audition, and should put them back on when they are not performing.
  • Brass instrumentalists must bring something to empty their water onto during the audition. It is suggested that you bring disposable pet training pads. Set this pad on the ground, underneath your trumpet or trombone before you perform, then when you are finished with your audition, dispose the pad in the trash can while exiting stage.


Westminster College Concert Choir

Director: Dr. Andrew Withington

concert choir picture

The Westminster College Concert Choir, open to all students by audition, is the flagship touring ensemble and represents the college on the national and international stages through their annual concert tour. Recent tours have included performances in New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Orlando, Louisville, Nashville, Cincinnati, and numerous other regional destinations. The choir has appeared in cathedrals and concert venues throughout Scotland, Spain and Italy and, during the summer of 2016, will tour Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. In addition to regular on-campus performances, the Concert Choir is actively engaged with regional professional arts organizations. During the 2015-2016 academic year, the choir will perform Bach Cantata 191 with the Warren Philharmonic Orchestra and Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms with the Shenango Valley Chorale. In December of 2014, the Concert Choir appeared live onstage with the Canadian Tenors as part of the Westminster College Celebrity Series. Committed to achieving the highest standard in choral performance, members of this elite choir are expected to be motivated and committed to the ensemble. The Concert Choir performs a diverse array of quality repertoire from many cultures, spanning the Renaissance to the 21st Century.


Sound Clip

  • “O Salutaris Hostia” by Eriks Ešenvalds

Westminster College Chamber Singers

Director: Dr. Andrew Withington

chamber singers picture

The Westminster College Chamber Singers is an elite mixed vocal ensemble comprised of the college’s most talented and experienced vocalists and is open to all students by audition. Members of this select ensemble are highly motivated and committed to achieving a professional caliber of choral performance. The Chamber Singers are routinely featured on and off campus at smaller private events and proudly represent the college on the regional, national and international stages. As a demonstration of their added commitment to the choral art, members of the Chamber Singers are expected to concurrently enroll in the Concert Choir, serving as the core of the touring ensemble. The Chamber Singers perform a wide array of challenging vocal repertoire suitable for small ensemble spanning the Renaissance to the 21st Century.


Sound Clip

  • "Der Gang zum Liebchen" by Brahms (performed on piano by Ben Grove '16)

Westminster College Men’s Chorus

Director: Dr. Andrew Withington

The Westminster College Men's Choir celebrates a long history of excellence in male singing and is comprised of students from a wide range of disciplines and levels of experience. Open to all students, this unique choir provides an energetic and supportive community for young men to nurture their musical skills through the rehearsal and performance of repertoire for male voices. The ensemble routinely performs at festivals throughout the region, most notably the Pittsburgh area “Mucho Macho Festival” for young male singers, at which the group is featured. In the Spring of 2015 the men of the choir served as mentors to more than 80 local high school students in the inaugural “Brother, Sing On!” male choral festival. Members of this outstanding ensemble perform at the Westminster College Christmas Vespers service, regularly join the Women’s Choir to present literature for mixed choir, and combine forces annually with the complete choral company to perform large works with orchestra.


Sound Clips

  • "Zion's Walls" (from Old American Songs) by Aaron Copland
    © 1954 The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Inc. Copyright renewed.
    Boosey & Hawkes, Inc., sole licensee.

Westminster College Women’s Chorus

Director: Ashley Graziani

The Westminster College Women’s Choir celebrates a long history of excellence in treble singing and is comprised of students from a wide range of disciplines and levels of experience. Open to all students, this unique choir provides an energetic and supportive community for young women to nurture their musical skills through the rehearsal and performance of repertoire for treble voices. Members of this outstanding ensemble participate in festivals throughout the region, perform at the Westminster College Christmas Vespers service, regularly join the Men’s Choir to present literature for mixed choir, and combine forces annually with the complete choral company to perform large works with orchestra.

Westminster College Symphony Orchestra

Director: Dr. Melinda Crawford Perttu

The Westminster College Symphony Orchestra is dedicated to providing students with opportunities to stimulate professional and artistic growth through developing the knowledge, skills, techniques, and discipline required of the professional musician. The orchestra performs standard works for both full symphonic orchestra and string chamber orchestra with a range of repertoire from the Baroque Era through the present day. It is open to all qualified string players; musicians on wind, brass, and percussion instruments must audition. The ensemble performs throughout the year, including a yearly program featuring winners of the student soloist competition. It also regularly performs with choral groups and professional guest artists from the region.

This ensemble can fulfill the “large ensemble” curricular requirement and can also be taken to fulfill the Visual and Performing Arts (VP) component of Westminster’s Intellectual Perspectives (IP) requirement.

  Orchestra Audition Information


Sound Clips

  • Dvorak: "Polka in Bb" (first one)

  • Rossini: "Overture to Barber of Seville"

  • Sibelius: "Valse Trise"



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