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Multimedia Journalism

Program Outcomes

When students complete this program, they will be able to:

  1. News Judgment
    Demonstrate news judgment and editorial decision-making that identifies and develops story ideas through observation, engagement in current events, research and interviewing.
  2. Critical and Independent Thinking
    Research and synthesize information, think independently, and work through problems using inference and logic.
  3. Writing
    Demonstrate concise, clear, and accurate writing, applying best practices and engaging the audience with compelling storytelling with specific attention to a variety of delivery platforms. This also includes the ability to write different format stories including hard news, enterprise stories, features, and longer form documentaries. Students will learn to write for platforms such as print, broadcast, and online.
  4. Analytical Competence
    Analyze and interpret information in the news gathering process. Additionally, students will understand, integrate, and appraise the ethical frameworks and legal constraints for digital journalist.
  5. Research/Analysis/Reporting
    Research, review, and gather information methodically while vetting sources via databases, the Internet, social media, public documents, and first-person interviews.
  6. Media Literacy
    Track and discuss how the media landscape is changing rapidly and therefore changing the way stories are told and disseminated to the public. This includes the ability to critically evaluate the various forms of traditional and multimedia stories and how they are viewed differently by culturally diverse segments of the national and global population.
  7. Journalistic Behavior
    Demonstrate ethical standards and legal behavior as it relates to the accurate and fair construction of stories that protect sources, accurately transmit information, and protect the rights of those involved in bother the creation and consumption of news and documentary productions.
  8. Technology
    Use a variety of technologies and techniques (mobile devices, consumer and professional grade video and audio equipment, web and social media delivery platforms) to produce and distribute traditional and multimedia stories applying best practices.
  9. Visual Competence
    Research, find, and capture compelling visual content to ethically and legally assist in the transmission of stories across multiple delivery platforms.


What can you do with a Multimedia Journalism degree?

Imagine yourself in a graduate journalism or media program or as a newspaper reporter, brand journalist, broadcast journalist, news producer, videographer, assignment editor, on-air reporter/anchor, non-profit communications director, online reporter, multimedia journalist, digital news editor, radio news producer/reporter, entrepreneurial journalist, web producer, media specialist, multimedia manager, social media assignment editor, social media manager or social media specialist.