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Multimedia Journalism

Requirements for the Minor

A minor in Multimedia Journalism requires 26 semester hours:

All of the following courses:
DJ 111 (*BC 111) Writing for Electronic Media (4)
DJ 120 (*BC 120) (2) Practicum (must take two semesters)
DJ 201 (*WRI 201) Journalism I (4)
DJ 311 (*BC 311) Broadcast and Multimedia Journalism (4)

Three of the following courses:
DJ 150 (*BC 150) Digital Media Essentials (4)
DJ 202 (*WRI 202) Coverage Journalism (4)
DJ 312 (*BC 312) Advanced Digital Reporting (4)
DJ 590 (*BC 590) Internship (4)
BC 251 (*BC 251) Single Camera Video Production (4)
COM 225 Communication Ethics (4)

One of the following courses: 
PR 310 Ethics in Public Relations, Advertising, and Journalism (4)
COM 301 Applied Social Media (4)

*cross-listed as


What can you do with a Multimedia Journalism degree?

Imagine yourself in a graduate journalism or media program or as a newspaper reporter, brand journalist, broadcast journalist, news producer, videographer, assignment editor, on-air reporter/anchor, non-profit communications director, online reporter, multimedia journalist, digital news editor, radio news producer/reporter, entrepreneurial journalist, web producer, media specialist, multimedia manager, social media assignment editor, social media manager or social media specialist.