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Multimedia Journalism

Requirements for the Minor

26 semester hours including these required courses:

MJ 111 Writing for Electronic Media
MJ 120 Broadcast Practicum (x2)
MJ 201 Journalism I
MJ 311 Broadcast and Digital Journalism

Plus, three of the following, not to include both COM 225 and PR 310:

MJ 150 Digital Media Essentials
BC 251 Single Camera Video Production
MJ 312 Advanced Digital Reporting
MJ 590 Internship
COM 301 Applied Social Media
COM 225 Communication Ethics
PR 310 Ethics in Public Relations, Advertising, and Journalism
MJ 202 Converged Journalism


What can you do with a Multimedia Journalism degree?

Imagine yourself in a graduate journalism or media program or as a newspaper reporter, brand journalist, broadcast journalist, news producer, videographer, assignment editor, on-air reporter/anchor, non-profit communications director, online reporter, multimedia journalist, digital news editor, radio news producer/reporter, entrepreneurial journalist, web producer, media specialist, multimedia manager, social media assignment editor, social media manager or social media specialist.