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Social Media

Course Descriptions

COM 200 Social Media Literacy (4.00 SH). The growing presence of technology is changing the way people communicate. This course examines how technology and social communication are creating a new paradigm of human interaction. Students will develop a plan for managing their personal brand/reputation and use online tools such as LinkedIn and blogs for professional enhancement.

COM 230 Social Media & Web Planning (4.00 SH). The design and implementation of a Web site is primarily a communication activity. An individual or organization has a message to send to an intended audience. The course will focus on the Web site pre-design activities of audience definition, objective setting, determining information architecture, feature definition, storyboard design, plus usability and interface testing procedures.

COM 301 Applied Social Media (4.00 SH). This course allows the student the ability to examine how organizations can effectively use social media to communicate with various constituencies. Not only will there be opportunity to learn about social media theory but the application of this theory will be an integral part of the course experience.

COM 594 Field Experience/Internship (4.00 SH). Field Experience/Internship (4 SH)

CS 201 Web Design (4.00 SH). This two-credit course provides the student with an understanding of the concepts and technologies used on the Internet to support Web pages and electronic commerce. Some of the topics covered in this course include the concepts of the Internet and WWW, the various protocols used - http, ftp, telnet - browsers and tools, and searching for information on the WWW. The course considers Web site design, development and management, as well as HTML document design and construction. HTML topics will include basic syntax or tags used to create HTML documents. Some specific items will be the syntax for tables and forms, image maps, frames, and cascading style sheets. Other topics will include the design and creation of images (including design theory and color theory, as well as cultural influences), and ethical and legal issues will be explored. (Offered Spring semester, even years.)


What can you do with a Social Media degree?

Imagine yourself as a digital content manager, multimedia storyteller, broadcast journalist, radio talent or management, or a communications specialist.