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Peace Studies

Requirements for the Minor

Peace Studies courses:

PAX 101 Introduction to Peace Studies
PAX 301 Advanced Peace Studies Seminar

16 semester hours from the following courses (at least 8 hours must be outside of the student's major)

ES 160 Concepts of Environmental Science
HIS 223 African-American History
HIS 246 20th Century Europe
HIS 252 Modern Russia
HIS 272 Latin America from 1825
HIS 282 Africa since 1800
HIS 301 America in the 1960s
HIS 308 Cold War
HIS 311 South Africa
PS 204 Model United Nations
PS 235 African Politics and Society
PS 241 Public Policy
PS 331 Geopolitics
PS 332 U.S. Foreign Policy
PS 431 International Law and Organization
PSY 213 Psychology of Prejudice
PSY 321 Social Psychology
PSY 331 Psychology of Women
REL 111 Understanding Religious Experience and Expression
REL 119 Religion in America
SOC 105 Cultural Anthropology
SOC 107 Sociology of Gender
SOC 209 Minority-Majority Relations
SOC 214 Social Class in America
SOC 215 Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective
SOC 241 Sociology of Violence and Nonviolence
SOC 303 Religion and Society
THE 225 Theatre of Social Engagement


What can you do with a Peace Studies degree?

Imagine yourself an international events organizer, a human rights supporter, a Peace Corps volunteer, or an international programs assistant.