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Requirements for the Secondary Education Teacher Certification in French

French Courses:

30 semester hours to be completed on and off campus which must include:

FR 301
FR 302
FR 351
FR 4xx
FR 4xx
FR 590
FR 601

Intercultural Communications:

IC 101 or IC 102

Participation for at least 10 weeks in an approved study abroad program.

Secondary Education Minor Program (45 semester hours to be completed in addition to any necessary testing and procedures required by PDE for certification.):

SED 201
Foundations of Special Education (4 sh)
EDU 231
Educational Psychology (4 sh)
ELL 206
English Language Learners (4 sh)
EDU 582
General Education Field Experience (2 sh)
EDU 351
Reading in the Content Area (4 sh)
SED 572
Special Education Field Experience (2 sh)
EDU 450
Teaching in Area of High Needs (2 sh) [suggested not required]
EDU 204
Educational Technology (2 sh) [suggested not required]
EDU 451
Teaching in the Secondary School (4 sh)
EDU 452
Student Teaching (16 sh)


What can you do with a French degree?

Imagine yourself an international events organizer, international business person, language and culture assistant, teacher, or international programs assistant.