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Course Descriptions

ACC 201 Principles of Accounting I (4.00 SH). A two-semester study of the basic principles and concepts underlying the measurement of financial activity, and the preparation and use of financial statements. Among the topics will be basic accounting theory, transaction analyses, income determination, asset and liability valuation.

BA 140 Introduction to Business (4.00 SH). An introduction to the nature of work and organizations. The course will explore the functions of managers in work environments, and the issues that shape contemporary management such as global competition and information technology. This course cannot be taken for credit if you have received credit for BA 310 (or are currently enrolled). This course is not open to junior or seniors except by permission.

BA 240 Entrepreneurship (4.00 SH). This course addresses theory and practice fundamental to launching a new business venture. Students will be introduced to the nature of entrepreneurship, opportunity analysis, entry strategy, and financing and marketing problems related to business start-ups in the formative years. Each student will prepare and defend a comprehensive business plan commonly used in attracting investor interest and financing. Prerequisites: BA 140 and ECO 150.

BA 241 Entrepreneurship Practicum I (1.00 SH). This course is designed to give students a real-world view into entrepreneurship. Students will gain valuable experience interviewing prospective companies, working with a business mentor, developing due diligence reports, holding leadership positions and attending entrepreneurship meetings and Shark-Tank events. Grading will be Pass/Fail. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.

BA 242 Entrepreneurship Practicum II (1.00 SH). This course is designed to give students a real-world view into entrepreneurship. Students will gain valuable experience managing projects, coordinating events, developing content for and competing in entrepreneurship competitions, holding leadership positions and attending entrepreneurship meetings and Shark-Tank events. Grading will be Pass/Fail. Prerequisite: Successful completion of BA 241.

BA 245 Small Business Management (4.00 SH). This course is designed to acquaint the student with the principles, procedures, and opportunities in small business management. Topics covered will include: entrepreneurial opportunities, developing a business plan, marketing a small business, operations, and financial management. Additional topics highlighted in this course are record keeping, planning, and control. Prerequisites: BA 140

BA 305 Marketing (4.00 SH). A study of the process by which products or services are brought to targeted consumers. The discussion includes consumer behavior, formation of a marketing plan and strategy, and marketing ethics. The approach is from the position of a business; however, consumer issues and concerns will also be discussed. Prerequisites: BA 140 or SCSM 101 or ECO 150.

BA 326 E-Commerce Marketing (4.00 SH). The course examines fundamental areas of e-commerce: the economic and strategic implications of the Internet; the uses of Internet technology to manage and redesign a business’s value chain; financing and valuing e-commerce organizations; the economic, regulatory and technical environment of e-commerce; risk management issues associated with e-commerce. A number of case studies will be employed to illustrate the principles discussed. Prerequisites: BA 140 and ECO 150.

BA 345 Sales, Business Dev, and Big Data (4.00 SH). For businesses to thrive, they must effectively sell their products and services and strategically pursue business development opportunities. Competent, ethical sales and business development professionals make this happen every day. This course will explore the sales and business development concepts of building successful relationships and rapport, developing effective sales strategies, understanding what consumers want from a professional salesperson, utilizing sales psychology, learning how to effectively prospect and maximize a thriving pipeline, and creating win win solutions. The theory of big data will also be covered as a mechanism to prospect, cultivate and screen sales leads and create business development opportunities. Prerequisites: BA 305.

BA 360 Human Resources Management (4.00 SH). A study of activities necessary for the recruitment, retention, development, and motivation of an organization’s human resources. The course covers typical personnel functions as well as theory on human behavior in organizational settings. Prerequisite: BA 140 or consent of instructor.

BA 370 Business Law (4.00 SH). A study of law as it pertains to business. Legal principles pertaining to a variety of topics, including the Uniform Commercial Code, will be presented and applied to business entities. Text and case study will emphasize legal reasoning processes.

BA 390 Buyer Behavior (4.00 SH). Study of major theories of consumer and industrial buying behavior, consumerism, and the ethics of marketing. Prerequisites: BA 220 and 305

BA 590 Field Experience/Internship (4.00 SH). Field Experience/Internship (1-4 SH) Will not be counted in the minimum number of courses needed in the major. All grading S/U. Prerequisites: six courses in accounting, economics and/or business, junior or senior standing, consent of department, and a GPA of at least 2.0.