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Do you feel you have a calling and passion for ministerial work, or for working in careers where a seminary education may be helpful? If so, then you will find a sound foundation in a Westminster liberal arts education. The interfaith studies minor provides a set of curricular and co-curricular experiences that will prepare you for success in seminary. Coursework in philosophy, history, literature, psychology, speech and sociology will further develop your critical reasoning, communication skills, and knowledge that will provide robust preparation for seminary.

In 2021, Westminster created an articulation agreement with the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, offering qualified students an opportunity to enter the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) program after three years of undergraduate study at Westminster. Students must complete the entire three years of seminary studies. After students have successfully completed 125 semester hours, they receive a bachelor's degree associated with their major from Westminster College. The student must complete all major, minor, and liberal studies requirements by the end of the junior year at Westminster, including capstone. After completing all six years of the program, students receive a M.Div. from the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Interested students should contact a member of the interfaith studies program at Westminster no later than the fall of their second year at Westminster. The program is open to eligible students from any academic major.

For more information, contact:

Timothy R. Grieve-Carlson

Asst. Professor of Religion & Interfaith Studies