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Mathematics majors prepare for careers that require insights into problems and problem solving in its broadest sense. Mathematicians collaborate with one another and with other disciplines to use quantitative analysis, logical reasoning, and mathematical modeling. In fact, the Mathematics department’s Seminar Room at Westminster College is often filled with students working together on various problems or class projects. The Mathematics degree begins with a calculus sequence, followed by courses in Discrete Mathematics and Linear Algebra. Students can also take complementary courses in Computer Science, Physics, or Economics. Students are encouraged to participate in programming and problem-solving competitions and are also supported to attend and present papers at professional conferences. Westminster teams regularly distinguish themselves in the International Mathematical Modeling Competition, as well as in the regional Computer Programming Contest and the East Central Colleges Problem Solving Contest. Students participate in Geek Week and the departmental invited speakers program.


What can you do with a Mathematics degree?

Imagine yourself an actuary, teacher, statistician, management scientist, professor, or graduate student.