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International Studies

Requirements for the Major with the Cultural Studies Concentration

International Studies Requirements:

GEO 101 World Geography
IS 101 Introduction to International Studies
PS 104 International Relations

Plus, one of the following sequences:

FR 202 or SPA 202 Intermediate French/Spanish II
FR 301 or SPA 301 Advanced Conversation and Composition
FR 302 or SPA 302 Advanced Conversation and Composition II


Students in the Cultural Studies Concentration also choose an emphasis in either history or modern languages.

Eight semester hours of Cultural Studies Concentration electives from ONE of the following options:

  1. Two CLC (Studies in World Literature and Culture) courses
  2. MUS 101 Introduction to Western Music and MUS 102 Introduction to Ethnomusicology
  3. IFS 170, 171, 172, 173, 176 (Pick two)
  4. Or, substitute eight semester hours from one additional discipline in the humanities, with included courses approved by the International Studies Committee.

Plus, one additional elective from any of the Cultural Studies Concentration electives listed in the Course Descriptions.

Plus, a semester of Study Abroad or an approved off-campus study program.


Plus, either the History or Modern Languages Emphasis (requirements below):

History Emphasis:

HIS 410 Historical Methods and Analysis
HIS 420 Historiography
HIS 590 Internship (with international focus)
HIS 601 History Capstone I

Plus, two of the following, including at least one at the 300-level:

HIS 240 Renaissance and Reformation, 1300-1600
HIS 241 Early Modern France, 1600-1815
HIS 242 England: The Age of Elizabeth I
HIS 243 England: The Age of Empire
HIS 245 Nineteenth Century Europe
HIS 246 Twentieth Century Europe
HIS 251 Medieval and Early Modern Russia
HIS 252 Modern Russia
HIS 253 The Baptism of Rus: A History of Religion in Europe
HIS 261 China
HIS 262 Japan
HIS 271 Latin America to 1825
HIS 272 Latin America from 1825
HIS 281 Africa to 1800
HIS 282 Africa since 1800
HIS 305 Marriage, Family and Sexuality in History
HIS 307 Monarchs and Dynasties
HIS 308 Cold War
HIS 311 South Africa
HIS 312 Topic in History and Film


Modern Languages Emphasis:

IC 102 The World of Language
FR or SPA 590 Internship
FR or SPA 601 Capstone

Plus, three courses in FR or SPA above the 302 level.

Foreign language requirements in the International Studies program may be met through advanced language coursework, taken as part of the approved Study Abroad or off-campus experience, in languages other than those offered by Westminster College.

The main discipline(s) in a particular concentration cannot be combined with those majors that comprise that concentration. The following combinations are not allowed:

  1. International politics concentration cannot be combined with a political science major
  2. Global development concentration cannot be combined with history or sociology majors
  3. Cultural studies concentration cannot be combined with history or mod-ern language majors

International studies majors may minor in the main discipline(s) which comprise(s) that concentration, but no more than two courses may count towards both the international studies major and disciplinary minor.

EXAMPLE: An international studies major with an international politics concentration may also minor in political science. However, he or she may not use more than two international studies courses towards the political science minor.

There are no restrictions on double counting courses for double majors beyond the College-wide requirement of taking two capstones.


What can you do with an International Studies degree?

Imagine yourself an ambassador, cultural anthropologist, ESL teacher, international salesperson, international intelligence analyst, international news reporter, or transportation specialist.