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Engineering (3-2 program)

Requirements for the Major in Chemistry, 3-2 Engineering Concentration

Required Courses (52 Credits):

CHE 117 Principles of Chemistry
CHE 180 Inorganic Chemistry
CHE 261 Organic Chemistry I
CHE 336 Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
CHE 337 Thermodynamics and Kinetics
CHE 384 Biological Chemistry
CS 151 Principles of Computer Science I
MTH 152 Calculus II
MTH 250 Calculus III
MTH 253 Differential Equations
PHY 151 Principles of Physics I
PHY 152 Principles of Physics II

Plus, one of the following:

CHE 230 Chemical Analysis
CHE 231 Environmental Analysis

Students on this track must complete a B.S. in chemical engineering at an approved school to fulfill the requirements for a B.S. in chemistry at Westminster College. Additionally, students on this track must confirm their intention to remain on this track at the end of their fourth semester at Westminster College.