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The commonwealth requires a battery of examinations for teacher certification candidates. For early childhood/special education majors, the Pearson PAPA tests: reading, writing, mathematics, and the Pearson PreK-4 test, and the Special Education PreK-8 test. The PAPA must be passed prior to enrolling in the early childhood education block or the special education block. Students who scored 500 or higher on each of the SAT writing, math, and reading segments will be exempt from taking the PAPA tests (must score 500 or more on all three tests: writing, math, and reading). Similarly, students taking the ACT and score a minimum of 22 in English and writing and a 21 in math will be exempt from taking the PAPA tests. For secondary education minors, the PAPA tests: reading, writing, and mathematics PAPA must be passed prior to enrolling in EDU 451 Teaching in the Secondary School. Early childhood/special education majors should complete the appropriate Pearson specialty area tests before student teaching. It is strongly suggested that secondary education minors complete the specialty area test before Fall Semester of the senior year. The qualifying scores are established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Westminsterís Department of Education provides assistance to prepare students for the Pearson and Praxis examinations.


What can you do with an Education degree?

Imagine yourself a preschool teacher, an elementary school teacher, a high school teacher, or a special education teacher in a public or private school.