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Communication Studies

Requirements for the Major

Communication Studies Courses:

COM 200 Principles of Technological and Social Communication
COM 201 Interpersonal Communication
COM 202 Small Group Communication
COM 205 Mass Communication
COM 225 Communication Ethics
COM 450 Communcation Theory
COM 590 Internship
COM 601 Capstone

And four more of the following Communication Studies courses:

COM 203 Professional Presentations
COM 207 Business and Professional Communication
COM 230 Social Media and Web Planning
COM 301 Applied Social Media
COM 303 Sales Communication
COM 320 Strategic Sports Communication
COM 405 Political Communication
COM 410 Advanced Topics

Communication studies majors must complete a minor in another field.


What can you do with a Communication Studies degree?

Imagine yourself a human resources officer, events planner, speech writer, sales representative, political campaign worker, public relations specialist, mediator, fundraiser, or communication consultant.