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Requirements for the Major

Accounting and Supporting Courses:

ACC 201, 202 Principles of Accounting I & II
ACC 300 Cost Accounting
ACC 305, 306 Intermediate Accounting I & II
ACC 310 Federal Income Taxation
ACC 320 Corporation and Partnership Taxation
ACC 410 Auditing
ACC 601 Preparing for the Profession
BA 225 Management Information Systems
BA 310 Organizations and Management
BA 370 Business Law
ECO 150 Economic Reasoning
ECO 220 Statistics

Plus, one of the following:

BA 160 Personal Financial Decisions
MTH 131 Applied Calculus
MTH 150 Calculus I
MTH 152 Calculus II
MTH 250 Calculus III

And two of the following:

ACC 331 Accounting Information Systems
ACC 332 Forensic Accounting
ACC 341 Governmental Accounting
ACC 342 Not-For-Profit Accounting
ACC 351 Accounting Theory
ACC 352 Advanced Accounting


Earning 150 Credit Hours in Four Years

Pennsylvania’s State Board of Accountancy follows the national educational standard for granting a CPA license by requiring 150 semester hours of undergraduate or graduate level courses. At least 36 hours must be in accounting and accounting related subjects such as auditing, tax, finance, and business law. Students should consider class work beyond the 125 semester hours required to graduate in order to take advantage of opportunity to achieve the CPA licenses’ 150 credit hour requirement. Westminster accounting majors planning to become licensed CPAs can achieve 150 hours in four years by working closely with their accounting adviser beginning in their freshman year.


What can you do with an Accounting degree?

Imagine yourself a CPA, a partner at an accounting firm, working for a corporation, the government, or a nonprofit, or as an entrepreneur.