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Honors Program


Our journey to Greece was a true representation of the Honors Program’s dedication to promoting learning by challenging students to explore new corners of the Earth and examine the world through different perspectives.

Sammi Winter '20
Biochemistry Major


I chose to join the Honors Program because I wanted the opportunity to interact and form friendships with students that possessed similar interests.

Jackson Gastmeyer '21
Political Science Major


The best part of the Honors Program so far is feeling that you're a part of something. A lot of my friends and opportunities on campus are a direct or indirect result of the program.

Alex Michels '19
Economics Major


I joined the Honors Program because it seemed like a great way to challenge myself with interesting classes outside of my unique major. The Honors Program has allowed me to learn and bond with students that I otherwise would not have met.

Laura Page '18
Media Art and Graphic Design Major, Communications Minor


I joined the Honors Program to challenge myself and to broaden the areas that I will study. The program has allowed me to travel, which has broadened my perspectives on the world.

Tyler Heintz '18
Physics Major, Math Minor


My Honors Research has allowed me to develop close relationships with faculty and constantly pushes me to learn as much as I can about my field.

Melissa Bischak '16
Molecular Biology


From the small class sizes to the opportunities I took advantage of in Greece, to the thought-provoking class material covered in honors courses, I feel that every part of my experience in the Honors Program has pushed me both as a student and as an independent thinker.

Regino Flores '17
Biology Major


I joined the Honors Program in order push myself to reach for a higher standard. The ability to be able to publish research because of the program is one of the most beneficial things this program has given me.

Kelly Higby '16
Molecular Biology


I have had a fabulous time in the Honors Program and look forward to continuing that in the next few years.  I have had a lot of opportunities for leadership roles as well as travel through the program, opportunities I haven't had in any other organization.

Ashlyn Brown '17
Neuroscience Major