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Other Related Field Experience

  1. Initiate development of a professional portfolio or up-date an existing portfolio. (Required)
  2. Complete a self-assessment of personal professional needs based on Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the Letter of Eligibility Standards or ISLLC Standards on superintendent competencies.
  3. Examine the school’s procedures for selecting and assigning students into remedial or advanced courses.
  4. Under the direction of a mentoring Superintendent, establish an ethics committee consisting of administrators, parents, teachers, and students to assess and examine the district’s and/or school ethical practices.
  5. Prepare a presentation to the faculty on ethics, including sharing educator’s professional code of conduct. Lead discussion related to ethical practices and identify possible ethical conflicts.
  6. Create your personal educational platform, which include your personal values and beliefs and explain how the school or district you lead will function in an ethical manner.
  7. Examine the school district’s practices related to the sharing of confidential information.
  8. If none exists, create a conflict resolution program for teachers and/or students.
  9. Select one or two books that will help expand your knowledge based on topics related to PIL or ISLLC standards.