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Mentor Selection and Responsibility for Intern Program

Mentor Selection:

  1. Mentors may be suggested by a district.
  2. Mentors may be suggested by the College.
  3. Mentors may be suggested by an intern.
  4. To be considered, a mentor must meet the following criteria in addition to the aboveitems:
    1. Hold a valid, current Pennsylvania or Ohio principal’s license
    2. Have a minimum of three years of successful experience as a school principal
    3. Be approved by the school district and College
  5. In collaboration, the district and College will agree upon selected qualified mentors.

Mentor Role and Responsibilities

The role of the mentor is pivotal to a meaningful experience for the administrative intern. The mentor agrees to assume and perform the mentor responsibilities:

  1. Confirm appropriate district level approval to serve as a mentor for a structured ience for a candidate in the Westminster College educational administrative program.
  2. Assist the intern in the development of activities, as per examples cited in this brochure so that the intern gains a realistic appreciation of school administrative work.
  3. Review the plan of activities with the intern and approve it if agreeable, or recommend changes that would make it acceptable.
  4. Provide the intern with selected opportunities to observe administrative activities before or after school with the understanding that such opportunities are in addition to the planned field experiences.
  5. Meet with the intern periodically to discuss the intern’s progress and provide feedback about field experiences already undertaken or to give advice regarding field activities yet to be undertaken. Between such meetings, provide guidance or respond to questions in brief exchanges as circumstances permit or as opportunities provide.
  6. Complete a brief assessment of the intern’s performance and meet with the College supervisor and intern near the end of the term to debrief the experience with intern and College supervisor.
  7. Optional, but highly desirable if possible, afford the intern the opportunity to shadow an administrator thru the day and/ or thru key duties during the day.

The next pages contain examples of field experiences which may prove helpful to the mentor. While the list is not complete, it is designed to identify some potential field experiences. Questions may be addressed to the Graduate Office or to Ali DuBois (724- 946-6039 or email: