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Superintendent Letter of Eligibility Program

EAD 900 Superintendency-Strategic Leadership (3)

EAD 901 Business Affairs and Resource Management (3)

EAD 902 Strategic Planning-Environment for Student Achievement (3)

EAD 903 Human Resource Management and Collective Bargaining (3)

EAD 970 Topics in Educational Leadership (3)

EAD 990 Internship-Superintendent (3)


A holder of the letter of eligibility for school superintendent may serve as an IU director detailed in CSPG 96 under certificate assignment. If the candidate wishes to obtain an IU director certificate, then he/she must complete an IU director program to become certified meeting all program requirements set by PDE which include: holding a letter of eligibility for school superintendent and the completion of thirty (30) semester hours post master’s, 18 of which shall be the six three hour courses in the district superintendent program and 12 semester hours post-master’s in electives in the graduate school of education.