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Course Related Field Experience

These examples of field experiences, practical, problem based tasks, and hands-on skill building assignments are offered to reinforce the belief that learning is enhanced when theory and practice are linked. This list is not intended to be complete.

Instructors are encouraged to identify other experiences as appropriate to content area and course of study. The suggestions are useful in identifying tasks or projects for completion during the internship and as a source of artifacts for the exit portfolio.

EAD 900: Superintendency - Strategic Leadership

  1. Identify available evaluation/assessment instruments to be used in assisting the board of education to do a self-study or evaluation.
  2. Attend board meetings to study interactions of board members, board-superintendent, boardvisitors, and superintendent-visitors. Prepare a short paper describing your perception of existing relationships.
  3. Assist the superintendent in the preparation of board meeting agenda and related materials as needed.
  4. Prepare a brochure to be distributed to visitors at official meetings explaining the role of the board of education, procedures related to meetings and community participation.
  5. Complete a review of the existing district policy manual, identify needs, suggest revisions, and make recommendations for the superintendent and board approval.
  6. Under the direction of the Superintendent of Schools, identify areas of needed policy statements, research and prepare a draft of recommended policy for the superintendent and board consideration.
  7. Prepare and make a presentation to community groups on an issue in the district or a pertinent topic of choice.
  8. Prepare a news release on a topic of general interest to be disseminated to news media.
  9. Prepare a brochure describing the school district which would be useful in recruiting new personnel or for distribution to newcomers to the community.
  10. Conduct a community survey of attitudes toward the school district and its programs
  11. Participate in development of district strategic plans.
  12. Observe district networking activities including: vocational-technical schools, intermediate units, and other agencies. Complete a written description of the districts networking efforts.

EAD 901: Business Affairs and Resource Management

  1. Participate as a team member in the simulation titled XYZ Annual School Budget. Appropriate for students who have not participated in a similar project in the Principal Program-School Finance and Fiscal Affairs.
  2. Using the current budget of your employing school district, identify total cost related to all personnel employed by the school district. (Salaries, fringe benefits, etc.)
  3. Using data from the personnel cost study(2 above),calculate the average annual salaries and fringe benefits for each class of employee, including teachers, administrators, custodial/maintenance, secretarial, etc.
  4. Reviewing the current budget in your school district, calculate total cost for selected school programs, e.g. athletics,music, mathematics, language arts, social sciences, home economics, industrial arts, etc. Compare at least three.
  5. Under the direction of the Superintendent or Business Officer, collect and tabulate data needed for budget preparation.
  6. Assist in the completing of an inventory of equipment, supplies, textbooks, and other instructional materials useful in identifying budgetary needs.
  7. Assist in the preparation of specifications and identify possible suppliers to facilitate the required bidding process.
  8. Assist the business officer in the development of cash flow reports and identify short and long term revenues and expenditures.
  9. Provide a report describing the school district’s technology for financial operations (payroll, accounts payable, budget reports, etc.)
  10. Explore the district’s investment program. If one exists, prepare a brief description.
  11. In cooperation with the Superintendent of Schools, develop a budget calendar identifying specific activities and critical dates for the school board, superintendent, principals, department heads, business manager and others as appropriate. Attend board budget planning meetings, if possible.
  12. Participate in a team problem-based learning project to develop a technology plan for a selected school district. Additional materials and guidance will be provided by the instructor.
  13. Accompany the superintendent and/or business manager to intermediate unit meetings, school business officials meetings, and seminars to become aware of regulations, issues, and trends in financial management.

EAD 902: School Physical Plant, Strategic Planning: Environment for Student Achievement

  1. If the district is involved in new construction or renovation, attend planning meetings, project financing sessions, job conferences, and other activities related to the building project.
  2. Perform building inspections to determine needed repairs and/or maintenance projects to be completed by staff or outside contractors.
  3. After identifying appropriate assessment evaluation instruments, prepare a report describing status of existing facilities to be shared with the board of education and the Superintendent of Schools. Identify the instruments and process used in written report.
  4. Review the district’s insurance program and determine adequacy of coverage in relation to replacement value of buildings and equipment.
  5. Complete a demographic study of your school district as a regular assignment for the course. Directions will be provided during class time.
  6. Review the use of technology in the instructional program.
  7. Analyze the use of data in various sectors of the district operation.
  8. Complete a data project designated by and under the direction of the superintendent-mentor.

EAD 903: Collective Bargaining and Human Resource Management

  1. Review district procedures for recruitment, selections, and evaluation of a professional and noninstructional staff and recommend revisions if needed.
  2. The business manager in your school district has recently announced plans to retire at the end of the school year. In conjunction with the Superintendent of Schools and other appropriate personnel, prepare and advertisement for publication in area newspapers and professional journals announcing the vacancy. Your submitted project shall include the advertisement, a description of the process used in preparation of the advertisement, and list of others who contributed to its development.
  3. Write a job description for your school district that may be needed but does not exist.
  4. Complete an analysis of job descriptions of personnel employed in the business operations of your school district. Are there necessary tasks or responsibilities that are not assigned to anyone? If so, revise necessary job descriptions to accommodate them. This assignment will require research regarding effective school business operations.
  5. Complete an analysis of job descriptions for any sub-group of employees, for example, custodial-maintenance, secretarial, administrative, etc. Are there necessary tasks or responsibilities that are not assigned to anyone? If so, revise necessary descriptions to accommodate them. Complete any needed research relative to duties related to the selected subgroup.
  6. Your task is to obtain copies of job descriptions for persons assigned to the business operations of the school district in which you are employed. Compare these against competencies discussed in class. Prepare recommended revisions as needed.
  7. Review existing professional and support personnel collective bargaining agreements and identify provisions which influence the performance of administrative duties.
  8. Participate in planning of staff development efforts.
  9. Participate as a team in the completion of a problem-based activity titled, “Selection of a Middle School Principal.” Directions and related materials will be distributed by the instructor.
  10. If appropriate, assist the superintendent or school business official in preparation for collective bargaining.
  11. If appropriate, assist the superintendent or school business official with a counter-proposal for negotiations with the certified and/or non-certified staff.

EAD 970: Topics in School Administration

  1. This course is designed to provide experience for the aspiring superintendent in preparation of reports to a school board.
  2. Class format will include doing a needs assessment, research, writing, and presentations.
  3. Research topics or related field projects will be identified at the first class session. Students will elect priority topics with instructor approval and prepare a written report.