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Suggested Course-Related Field Experiences

Principal Certification Program

These examples of possible field experiences, practicum, problem based tasks, and hands-on skill building assignment are offered to reinforce the belief that learning is enhanced when theory and practice are linked. This list is not intended to be complete. Professors/instructors are encouraged to identify other experiences appropriate to content area and course of study.

EAD 810: Community and Staff Relations

  1. Develop a news release on a topic of general educational interest to be disseminated to the news media.
  2. Prepare a presentation on an appropriate educational topic for delivery to community groups.
  3. Prepare an orientation program for parents of new students.
  4. Identify potential community resources for school staff.
  5. Plan and organize one social activity or event for faculty.

EAD 826: Curriculum and Instruction

  1. Participate in a textbook selection committee.
  2. Participate in planned course study review and revision.
  3. Write a policy for pupil field trips.
  4. Complete a study of drop-outs in cooperation with guidance counselors.
  5. Complete a study of failures by subject for a three-year period.
  6. Review State curriculum regulations and assist principal in identifying local needs.

EAD 830: Principles of Educational Leadership

  1. Assess the process and guidelines for managing school fund raisers and other student activities (gate receipts, ticket sales, fees). Make other recommendations as needed.
  2. Assist the principal in the collection of data or information needed in the preparation of the district’s annual budget.
  3. Participate in the development of strategic or improvement plans.
  4. Participate in program evaluation activities.
  5. Analyze an existing policy manual and identify needed revisions.
  6. Shadow a principal for an entire day and complete a report of activities including a personal reflection.
  7. Review job descriptions for coaches and activity sponsors and recommend revisions as needed.

EAD 840: Supervision of Curriculum

  1. Plan a system of pre-conferences, peer observations, and post-conferences to improve instructional practices in your school.
  2. In cooperation with members of your subject area department, conduct a needs assessment to facilitate planningof staff development activities.
  3. Identify and plan a staff development activity based on a needs assessment.
  4. Develop a handbook for substitute teachers.

EAD 850: School Law

  1. Review guidelines for administration of discipline for special students.
  2. Evaluate a student handbook and make recommendations to correct unlawful practices.
  3. Write a school law booklet identifying key court cases affecting education and the standards that wereestablished for today’s use.

EAD 860: Public School Finance and Economics

  1. As a member of a team, construct a school budget for the fictional Eastminster School District.
  2. Using the current budget of your employing school district, identify costs related to all personnel employed by the district.
  3. Using data from the personnel cost study, calculate average salaries and fringe benefits for each class of employee.
  4. Reviewing the current budget in your school district, calculate the total costs for selected school programs, e.g., athletics, music, mathematics, English, etc.
  5. Assist the building administrator in the collection and tabulating of data needed for budget planning.
  6. Complete an inventory of equipment, supplies, textbooks, and other instructional materials which will be useful in identifying budgetary needs.

EAD 980: Internship in School Administration & Supervision

  1. An opportunity will be provided to learn about school administration by actually working with a school administrator. Seminars and individual conferences will be arranged during this experience

EAD 990: Internship Superintendent

  1. This clinical experience is designed to facilitate the development of central office administrative skills. Emphasis will be upon school board-administrative relations, community and public relations, curriculum and instruction, financial management, staff personnel, and facilities. Seminars and individual conferences will be arranged for study and analysis of the learning activities.