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EAD 980 Internship in School Administration Requirements


The internship is defined as the process and product that result from the application in a workplace environment of the strategic, instructional, organizational, and contextual guidelines as identifies in state (PA and OH) standards of administrator certification. When coupled with other field experiences and reflective seminars, the outcome should be a powerful synthesis of knowledge and skills useful to practicing school leaders.

Course Rationale:

We believe that collaboration between the public schools and colleges/universities is essential in administrator preparation programs. This partnership provides a rich blend of the theoretical and “real world” experience. The internship is a capstone experience upon completion of courses in the administrative specialization areas for the purpose of introducing students to the practical demands of the principalship. Opportunities will be provided to experience the tasks, attitudes, and skills for effective administration by working closely with a school administrator in the mentoring relationship.

Internship Objectives

  1. To provide broad-based administrative and supervisory experience in and “on-the-job” setting.
  2. To provide clinical experience designed cooperatively by the student, mentoring administrator, and college faculty in a central office setting.
  3. To complete systematic documentation of clinical experiences including reflections of the prospective superintendent in order to assess growth and development.
  4. To provide the student an opportunity to assess his/her commitment to a career in educational leadership.

Approval for Participation

  1. Completion of an application form must be submitted to the School Administration Program Coordinator.
  2. Permission will be granted, generally, after completion of a minimum of three (3) courses from the administration specialization area.
  3. Working in conjunction with the college supervisor, the intern is responsible for identifying and securing an agreement with a practicing school administrator to serve as a mentor.


  1. Interns will complete a professional development plan approved by the mentor and college supervisor.
  2. Interns will maintain a log of activities for review during supervisory visits and discussion during reflective seminar sessions. The log will be required for inclusion in the professional portfolio.
  3. The intern will be available for attendance at board meetings and other school-related activities as determined by the mentor.
  4. The intern will become familiar with the contents of the district’s policy manual, student and teacher handbooks, collective bargaining agreements, and other pertinent material as required by the mentor.
  5. Reflective seminar sessions are a vital part of the internship experience and, generally, will be scheduled on campus at least once per month.

Additional Task Expectations

  1. Completion of a major project which will be of value to the school and also contributes to the growth of the intern.
  2. An oral report on the project will be made at a seminar session attended by other cohort interns. It is expected that the project report will be included as an artifact in the professional portfolio.
  3. An interview will be conducted with two (2) certified principals other than the person serving as mentor. The focus of discussion should be on leadership style, competencies needed for success as a principal, and emerging issues, trends, and problems as they impact on performance. A written summary shall be submitted.
  4. Interviews will be conducted with two(2) classified employees (custodial/maintenance, secretarial/clerical, food service, business officials) to discuss roles and the impact each makes on principal effectiveness. A brief written summary is expected.

Scheduling the Internship

The optimum internship would consist of two consecutive school terms, and, in some cases, the internship could be extended into the summer. The specific dates for each student will be agreed upon at a planning session attended by the student, mentor, and college supervisor. Because of variation in state standards, scheduling options will vary for Pennsylvania and Ohio interns. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania standards require a minimum of 180 hours of internship with an additional 180 hours of field experiences throughout the principal’s program of study. Ohio standards require one year of internship experience.

Pennsylvania option: two consecutive school terms as follows:

  1. Fall and Winter
  2. Winter and Summer
  3. Summer and Fall

Ohio option: one full year:

  1. Summer, Fall, and Winter
  2. Fall, Winter, and Summer
  3. Winter, Summer, and Fall