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Internship Project

The project requirement is designed to provide the aspiring school principal the opportunity to take major responsibility for a complex undertaking. Generally, the project will require working with other staff members from all levels. The project will demonstrate the prospective principal’s ability to identify, plan, and complete an activity that will not only have personal benefit but also will also have meaning and benefit to the school. The proposed project must have the approval of the administrator mentor.

Project Development Questions

  1. Is the project manageable in terms of time to complete and the availability of resources?
  2. Does the project focus on an area that will receive support from all stakeholders?
  3. Does the project have the potential to contribute to the mission of the district, school, department, or grade level?
  4. Has consideration been given to potential problems, political, or ethical issues?

The Proposal

The intern will complete a project proposal that is endorsed by the mentor and should contain the following elements:

  1. Topic
  2. Specific Objective
  3. Importance/Significance
  4. The major question and sub-question to be answered
  5. Methodology: How? Where? Population? Data Gathering? Analysis? Specific Tasks?
  6. Target date for completion

The project requirement will be discussed at the initial mentor/intern orientation meeting. A project submission date will be established at the time.