"With my professional career now behind me but my learning still ongoing, I truly understand what my professors meant when they told us that Westminster College was "just the beginning." They coached and encouraged us through tough courses, then helped us to get jobs or positions in graduate programs. They cared, almost beyond imagining, and were intellectual, ethical, and moral examples to emulate. We went away, carried on, and made our place, but never forgot them or their support."

Glenn Thompson '68

COO (Retired)

Plextronics, Inc.

Butler, PA

"My career as a lawyer for 33 years and a District Attorney for 20 years was formed in the classrooms and on the athletic fields of Westminster College. Professors developed my lifelong curiosity for learning and an ability to communicate effectively. Titan coaches instilled the need for careful preparation and undaunted discipline and determination. The opportunity to participate in extra activities like wrestling, the radio station and the Mock Convention honed those traits. Westminster's "Winning Tradition" formed the basis for my professional and personal success."

Robert Buehner Jr. '75

District Attorney

Mountour County

Danville, PA

"First, Westminster emphasizes the personal touch; mutual concern and respect are modeled in relationships among students, faculty, administrators, and staff. Second, Westminster encourages the development of leadership skills and a lifelong commitment to community service. Third, for students seeking to integrate faith and learning, Westminster nurtures generous, healthy and diverse expressions of spirituality."

Thomas Tupitza '79


Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett, P.C.

Erie, PA

"Westminster provided a solid foundation for my life ahead. It was a perfect “fit” and enabled me to gain valuable leadership experience through participation in student activities. Playing a varsity sport for three years taught me how to compete effectively, how to win and lose graciously, as well as how to best manage my time while balancing academics with student activities and intercollegiate athletics. Where else but at a Westminster can one return for a 50th year reunion and be greeted by first and last name by a favorite math professor whom I had not seen for 50 years!"

William W. Rankin '60

Vice President (Retired)

Pfizer Inc. Consumer Health Care Group

Gibsonia, PA

"Westminster College provided me with an education, a career … and a spouse! Its faculty, through instruction and example, prepared me for medical school and encouraged me to develop the instruments to be successful in my chosen profession. As the first in my family to obtain a college education, Westminster was a major source of support."

Wayne A. Miller '61, MD, FACS, FACHE

Surgeon/Health System Executive (Retired)

Kalispell, MT

"Among the things I failed to understand about my Westminster College education until years later was that the value of my degree is continually appreciating. A Westminster degree opens doors and sends the message to potential employers that a candidate can contribute to their organization with a level of insight, understanding and integrity that comes with a liberal arts education from such an outstanding institute of higher learning."

Robert Jackson '91

Chief Executive Officer

Grove City Medical Center

Grove City, PA

"Westminster’s excellent chemistry program and related research projects gave me a sound technical foundation to be a successful professional chemist upon graduation. The liberal arts education broadened my abilities outside the laboratory to also excel in business, leadership and social settings. I also took full advantage of the cultural and leadership activities both on campus and the global semester’s abroad program to expand my horizons. Westminster offered me a great foundation to build on my technical, business and cultural dreams to become the global executive that I am today."

Mary Park '85

Global Color Director

PPG Industries

Strongsville, OH

"Westminster went above and beyond in preparing to get me where I am today. The professors gave me everything I needed to gain experience in writing and public speaking, which turned out to be the cornerstone of what I needed to succeed. They made sure all of the PR students were given the opportunities to accomplish their goals, and to this day I still use the valuable lessons I learned during my time at Westminster."

Burt Lauten '99

Communications Coordinator

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh, PA

"For four years as an English major, I heard my professors say this repeatedly; if you can communicate effectively through the written and spoken word, you can do any job in the world. We'll teach you how. I didn't necessarily believe them then. I absolutely believe them now. Writing and speaking were the foundation of my liberal arts experience, and they are the tools that I use every day as a professional person."

Richard Dalrymple '82

Public Relations Director

Dallas Cowboys

Coppell, TX

"Majoring in mathematics and political science gave me the foundation needed for a legal career. I developed analytical thought processes used in problem solving and an understanding of the roles and relationships of individuals and groups. I learned to account for multiple, and adverse, views and demands in issue resolution. My professors continually encouraged and challenged me, stretching my intellectual curiosity and teaching me to ask the difficult questions – indispensable skills for a lawyer."

Linda W. Simpson '81

U.S. Bankruptcy Administrator

Western District of North Carolina

Charlotte, NC

"Westminster encouraged in me an intellectual curiosity and love of learning that has lasted until this day. I can't think of a better compliment or a more effective way to prepare students for success in their chosen careers and in all other aspects of life. Small classes, an accessible and attentive faculty that focuses on teaching, and a caring environment all come together to define the Westminster Way."

Jeffrey Wiley '75

Managing Director

Dickie, McCamey and Chilcote

Pittsburgh, PA

"One of the things that makes Westminster so special is its outstanding faculty and staff. Both provided me with unique opportunities to learn and grow. From co-teaching a class with my advisor to internship opportunities, I gained real-life experience as a public relations major that I don’t think I would have received at another college. These experiences gave me an excellent foundation for my career in fundraising."

Julie Weagraff '92

District Director, Development

Cuyahoga Community College Foundation

Cleveland, OH

"Looking back, Westminster was not just important for what I learned, but for how I grew and developed while learning. While I may not have realized it at the time, my professors, whatever the subject, were teaching me to think critically – while creating an environment that made it “safe” to try it. Because critical thinking forms the basis for sound judgment and problem-solving, I can say that it has made all the difference."

Deborah Platt Majoras '85

Chief Legal Officer

The Procter & Gamble Company

Cincinnati, OH

"Westminster College has a great reputation as an outstanding liberal arts institution. When I arrived, it somehow felt 'comfortable' and friendly, almost like being at home. My priority and desire was to get a well-rounded education, growing personally, academically, and hopefully professionally. I realized soon after graduation and upon entering the business world, that Westminster helped prepare me to compete extremely well at IBM with peer college hires all over the world -- many with more advanced degrees. My math major and computer science minor helped me logic through some awful tough business challenges and work them through, logically and often times with innovative thinking....and surprisingly my Spanish double major, helped further my career 22 years into IBM, when running our sales operations in Latin America! Having graduated and worked in various locations around the U.S. and worldwide, I can attest that Westminster continues to have a GREAT reputation as a well-rounded liberal arts college that continues to prepare students extremely well for the dynamic, complex challenges of today's world."

Peter Andino '77

Vice President, Global Sales

IBM Sales & Distribution

Norwalk, CT

"A couple of great professors grabbed this kid from Cleveland by the collar and said 'we are going to teach you how to study.' They spent hundreds of hours of their own personal time and did just that. Westminster just wasn't about fine academics, people cared for you as a person and wanted you to succeed--body, mind and spirit. It's the Westminster Way. It's about finding your place in the world and giving back. It is an honor to say I graduated from Westminster and I am especially proud to serve on the Board of Trustees."

William Carlton '67

Chairman & CEO

Carlton and Company

Boston, MA