Sociology Capstone Award

The Sociology Capstone Award is given annually to recognize a Capstone project that demonstrates sound use of theory and sophisticated research design and methodology on a topic of sociological importance.  The Criminal Justice Studies Award is given annually to recognize a Capstone project that demonstrates


2014 Capstone Awards

2014 Award Sociology Colleen Costello for her capstone project "How Hegemonic Masculinity and Intersectionality Shape Perceptions."
2014 Award Criminal Justice Studies Tricia Johnston for her capstone project""Eight in the Gate":  Organizational Impact of Prisons on Correctional Officers' Perceptions of Their Job"

2014 Honorable Mention Lydia Hartzell for her capstone project "Cyberknowledge and Doctor-Patient Relationships"


2013 Capstone Awards

2013 Award Sociology Annalisa Ryding for her capstone project "The Socialization Process of Becoming an Atheist."
2013 Award Criminal Justice Studies Joseph Ritchie for his capstone project "Motorcycle Clubs as Models of Total Institutions."

2012 Capstone Awards

2012 Award Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies Tyler Craig for his capstone project "Predictors of Religiosity Among College Students."

2011 Award Co-Recipients: Alan Baldwin & Reesha Jackson

Balwin's Title: "Groups and Social Capital Formation"

Jackson's Title: "Environmental and Social Capital Influences on Childhood Obesity"

2010 Award Recipient: Tra-Linn Scott

Title: "Trust and Reciprocity: The Social Capital of Runaways."
Tra-Linn also presented her research at the 2010 NCUR (National Conference on Undergraduate Research) and at the 2010 Westminster Undergraduate Research Conference.

2009 Award Recipient:  Damon Neal

Title: "Social Capital within a Total Institution."

2008 Award Recipient:  Bethany South

Title: "The Effects of Dormitory Housing and First-Year Program on the Development of Undergraduates' Social Capital."
Bethany also presented her research at the Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society in New York between February 22-24, 2008.