Study Abroad

Psychology majors at Westminster are encouraged to study abroad in order to enrich their educations and to be well prepared for careers in our increasingly global society. Each semester one or two students take the opportunity to study abroad. Those planning to do so work with their academic advisor to select the term that will best fit their recommended course sequencing. Most students are strongly encouraged to save their required core Psychology courses (especially those that have laboratories) for Westminster. They are advised to select electives and liberal studies requirements abroad, and especially to take advantage of courses that present the cultures of their host countries. The first semester of the junior year is usually the best time to study abroad in order to keep course sequencing well ordered.

Westminster Psychology students have studied abroad in:
  • Paris France, Neurological Institute
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • Namibia
  • Korea
  • Ireland, Peace Center
  • Mexico
    Westminster in London